Needing help to track down a theif

So that pretty much says it.
My house was broken into today while I was at work.
My mom puts my daughter on the school bus at 8am and I got home at 1:15 so the motherfuckers broke into my living room window in broad daylight where all my neighbors could see.But of course no one saw anything.I filed a police reportamd the officer was a pretty cool guy who said he checks into data bases from pawn shops and Craig’s List.

But I digress.

Does anyone know of any spirits or any other methods I could use to find this prick and make him pay?

I can’t focus enough right now to do a divination on this so if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate this.

Good idea bro.
I didn’t even think about that.
I might talk to the archangels and Hecate as well and see if I can figure it out.

If I remember correctly there’s a Goetic demon that tracks down thrives so I might try that as well

But if anyone else has any advice on this or has had experiences with this containing successful results I’m all ears.

You can also ask the spirits, to destroy everything that belongs to them, but was not stolem, and that everything that is stolen, will be find by police and they will go jail.

If I remember correctly there's a Goetic demon that tracks down thrives so I might try that as well

From Modern Goetic Grimoire:

Andromalius. EARLS, or COUNTS.

Andromalius is the spirit responsible for
bringing criminals to justice, especially thieves.
He not only brings the thieves to justice, he
ensures the return of the stolen goods. He is
intimately aware of the criminal mind, and can
use this knowledge to reveal where criminals
have hidden their illicit assets.

I agree with Gnosis. Andromalius sounds like a good spiirt to get back your things and also enact justice. There is a couple of accounts in Lon Milo’s book “My life with the Spirits”, where this spirit Andromalius was very effective in returning stolen goods. In one account, the spirit was never even evoked from what I remember and managed to get the goods returned. They just drew the sigil and said a few things. The author himself was astonished by that.

That sounds awesome.
I think I’ll Starr working with this spirit as soon as I get home.

Thanks guys!

Let us know how it goes