Needing fast Help

The captor /Rapist of my daughters is due to be out about 3 months early from his 7 years in prison and Promising…“They will regret it”… yeah, there are small State Helps for them, but nothing i can trust.
I promised him a :“last dance”. but due to 3 back surguries, and Psoriatic Arthritis i have physical issues to overcome. Of course, he has his mormon “God” he thinks is going to back him up, and likely some of the folks on his compound who were armed and looking for me as I kicked in doors to rescue the kids and then they all scattered when they figured out i had cops backing me up. so , anyway…
i know I can get EA’s books , but i have neither the money or time. i am wanting to work with Abaddon, and Adad and hopefully get them to help me increase my physical abilities, and or spiritual power to hopefully Crush him and or them when he gets out.
Anyone who knows or has the ability to help me with whatever Good rituals it will take to cover ground fast.
i could say more, but, short sweet and full of fire right?
Thanks for the help.

I’m going to pm you about this.

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