Needing advice on mojo bag creation and any other experienced advice on hoodoo

Thanks empyrean.
You’ve given me a lot to ponder.

The only ancestor work I’ve done is with my deceased father who was an ex-occultist turned pastor.
But through working with him I’ve been given hints that theres something he left behind in his occult work for me to finish.

I live in Indiana and I don’t know much about the herbs here I’ll have to look that up.All I know is we have a whole hell of a lot of corn lol.

Thanks again.I’ll have to do some research on this.

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So I’ve recently become fascinated with the concept of mojo bags and other forms of root work.It’s something I really want to jump in and learn.
I’ve had a few minor successes with candle majick and even made a mojo bag/talisman for attracting money and every once in awhile I would find a few bucks just laying on the ground but never anything more than $10.

If anyone could give me some advice on how to go about root work the right way I would appreciate it.
I’m probably gonna look into some books about it but most books I’ve seen just give you the ingredients but not proper instruction on how to work with the system. Plus I have a SHIT TON of reading to do so I would really like to hear from you guys about this before I delve too deep into it.

Thanks in advance!

try this for starters