Needing a Fresh Start and Some Support

Hey guys how are you all doing? I’ve recently felt a calling back into the LHP after a long hiatus. Ive always been on and off with my magical endeavors but i feel throughout my 2 years of practioning, I fell short. I suppose in a sense I feel like I’m hopeless because I’ve tried doing multiple evocations and felt that I failed because I could never feel/see/experience what many others have. Ive shared multiple evocations on here of my automatic writing with Bael and Cain, but even with those I feel like now it wasn’t right and I doubt if it was really their words I reflected or just my own and that I forced myself to believe that so. They are out there though if any of you are curious or what not. I suppose the whole point of this post is that I feel a lack of wanting from the spirits out there and I just wish one of them would give me a chance and teach me what I need to learn on my path. Does anyone have any advice for someone like me in this situation? I guess I feel no matter how intense I try to perform evocations, commune with the spirits out there, I can’t get it right and if anyone has suitable spirits who would help me/give me a chance that would be amazing… If you made it this far thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear from you.


you stole my words man :joy:

King Paimon and Duke Dantalion can teach all arts and sciences. Give them a try :slight_smile:


My intuition said Belial, I’ll pop my files on him below & loads more on the forum + general internets:

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Reminds me of Astral projection when I read about your struggles.

It took me more than 100 tries (I counted) before I could even pop out of my body I cant even fucking move yet so Im training with visualization which Im good at Luckily

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