Need your opinions?

It seems my Parasite / attachment situation is getting worse…

I’ve decided to petition a Spirit for help (probably Kali Ma) to remove the Parasites or Spirits from myself and my Aura. I will let her do as she wants to them and offer them to her as an offering while specifying that no human will be harmed and so that my Field will heal afterwards.

Out of curiosity, can a Parasite impersonate powerful deities you are afraid off or make you think you’re damned to scary realms or even real life Magicians?

Hopefully this will solve my situation. I was considering Pazuzu at first but I’m no longer comfortable around Demons (I do respect him though).

So do you guys think that his will work? I’ll appreciate any advice too!

Thanks in Advance :heart:

Looking at the general theme of your recent posts, I recommend you take a step back from magic and spirituality entirely and let your mind recuperate. Just do a but of meditation every couple of days and focus entirely on the mundane for a couple of months.
Working with magic and interacting with spirits, especially when we’re new, can wear us down. There’s no shame in that, it’s just part of working with magic. The trick os learning to recognise when we need a break.


Yes I do plan on doing this now thank you.

Before I do this, I’ve decided to get rid some of my Notes, perform the Petition (for a Peace of Mind) and

If you believe that a parasite has attached to you.

  1. Ground/ banish

I made this mistake to a lesser degree but it still goes with out question LBR. It seriously is a magicians best friend. You can still petition, I just recommend that you learn how to LBR because spirits won’t always be there to help you. Don’t fall into the same pit I did and think of doing it multiple times to “make sure it works” that alone might kill that LBR. Believe that it will work, and it will help you. It lastly doesn’t do instantaneously. Like I thought it would.


Sure I used to Practice it Daily but stopped! If I do it, I will replace the Angel names with that of the Elemental Kings.

How long does it take?

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It doesn’t take long for me anyways. But take that with a grain of salt. I believe that this may be something where “Your mileage may vary”.

I say that because when I had a unwanted entity in my body, I did the ritual. But after it left my succubus came and took its place so It may be different there.

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Well this one’s definitely had some time. I think it may have started as early as my Childhood or possibly last Year when I explored Paganism.

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Well if It has had much time, then I recommend doing different rituals or petitioning an entity to help you.

Do you actively have feelings towards it? Like fear, anxiety Etc.

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I’m gonna ask Kali Ma.

Well it fills me with everything, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Stress. It makes me see disturbing images and constantly tries to lead me off my path. Just now it made me feel Dark and made me think that I’m possessed by a Satanist. I just want this all to stop now…