Need your help

I have an ex boyfriend who I am trying to get back but right now he is seeing someone else. Does anyone know how I can do seperation work without knowing any information about who he is seeing? All I know is what street he lives on lol

I have a spell for you if you can get the new person’s initials.
Get stalking! :grin:

You can always call Asmodeus!
@MARA what spell do you have?

The spell I have for the OP is Spell No. 15: A Rotten Spell.
It’s a combination of Voodoo and Gypsy lore, a nasty spell, which can rebound. So if the OP was going to use it against a happy couple, without some genuine need for justice, they will suffer more than their victims because they’re inflicting hurt on an innocent person.
Happy days!


That sounds like an interesting hex is your ritual complete with written casting, are you using elemental magic calling on the four quarters or something more complex? Would you care to share your ritual so we can have a look and see if it’s workable?

Damn it, I was making the OP work for this one :wink: It happens to be from the first book I used to cast a love spell when I was about 14. My aunt loaned it to me. She had used a spell from this book to successfully break up a married couple and subsequently marry the newly divorced husband, who became my uncle (note: this second marriage later ended in a rather ugly divorce). When I was at university I went in search of these spells again and found the work in the rare books collection of the library, from which you are unable to borrow and can only read under supervision. So what I have now are 20+ year old photocopies of the pages.
It’s essentially a good old lemon spell, requiring you to carve the initials of your lover and their new mistress on opposite sides of the lemon and bury it after midnight:

'I sour your luck
I bury your luck
I rot your luck
‘Till you return to me.’

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That’s interesting !
So no demons evocation for this one ?

Well the request was simply posted in Love, Sex Magick & Relationships.
So no, there’s not and I didn’t assume that the OP was specifically after a demon evocation.

No of course, was just asking for myself cause I might be interested in this as well :joy:
Thinking about twisting it a little bit like writing “XXX” instead of new partner, so the target cannot get with anyone else. Might worth a shot. I do appreciate “simple” spells such as this one, often wrongly underestimated.

As has been said here elsewhere - can’t recall a particular thread - the point of using a spell that you haven’t created yourself is that it is evoking the energy of all the times the particular spell has been cast previously. If you are going to cast a spell like this, I think an important part of it is meeting the challenges involved in having what the spell requires i.e. the initials. If the OP was serious enough about wanting her ex back, serious enough to break up a new relationship, then surely she is serious enough to find out who the new person involved is.
This was my point when I set the challenge for the OP of finding out the initials.
Simple? Maybe.


Just in case anyone reading his thread is considering working this spell, you’ll notice I haven’t yet mentioned where you bury the lemon :joy:

Please don’t say in a graveyard during a full moon :joy:

You can try working with Pomba Gira. I don’t do love magic at all, but she has always been very amenable to doing this sort of work for others I know.

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Thank you thank you. i will definitely try this and you’re right it isn’t so simple getting those initials is going to be a ton of work

Where do I get the lemon?

Any lemon will do :laughing:

Hahahahahah okay I can get a lemon from a house he used to live in that’ll be a challenge too

Anything else you think I need to know?

Where do you bury it @MARA lol
I feel like that’s a pretty important part of it but nobody asked :thinking:

Well, you are supposed to bury this lemon in the yard/outside the home of the ‘mistress’ (and refresh it every month, as necessary). While I like this element of the spell a lot, it might be a bridge too far so I’d suggest you wait until you know who this person is and then decide on the next best thing to her home address :stuck_out_tongue:

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