Need to make a lawyer like me

Hi Guys,

I’m going through a divorce and I have felt intuitively that my ex’s lawyer is sympathetic towards me, has some compassion for me.

I need help concocting a spell to make him feel immense compassion towards me and lessen his desire to work against me. All I have found are love spells, but I don’t want a love spell. He’s much older, married, and him wanting me romantically would be counterproductive.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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You are aware that making your ex’s lawyer have “immense compassion” for you in no way guarantees you will come out of the divorce any better than you would otherwise, right?

Even if the lawyer has less desire to work against you, your ex dictates what the lawyer can and cannot do on his behalf, and if he feels the lawyer is not up to scruff, he can kick him to the curb and get a new one, starting everything all over again.

In my opinion, the person you should seek to influence is your ex, not his lawyer. Sweeten him, and he will direct the lawyer.


What may be helpful here are rituals to weaken both your ex’s and his lawyer’s ambitions and motivation, and another to induce sympathy for you.

If your ex loses his desire to get anything out of the divorce, he will lose the motivation and energy to put in the effort required to build a case against you. As @DarkestKnight said, the lawyer will do what their client wants. If the client doesn’t even have the desire to pay the lawyer, let alone work with them during the proceedings, their case against you will be weak.

It may also be helpful to stir your ex’s feelings of love for you, not to bring him back, obviously, but to further weaken his will and confuse him. If he starts to hope that the two of you will get back together, he will likely try to return to your good graces. This will give you the opportunity to crush him without resistance.

As you say, a love spell would not be the best course for the lawyer, but a ritual to make him sympathetic to your case would help reduce his effectiveness.

I suggest working with Vine for this situation. The following are some of the demon’s powers, taken from Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield:

To break the will of one who works against you through others (with lawyers, for example)
To make a vicious former lover feel love for you
To make you aware of plans that have been made against you

Good luck


As mentioned, Demons of Magick covers that exact situation.


I’ve had miraculous results calling on Eligor for court/legal stuff; He’s able to acquire favors/sympathies of people in positions of power (i.e. judges, polices officers etc.) I can’t say enough good things about him.


What about a banishing spell for the lawyer? Would that work? I’m not too familiar working with demons.