Need to know if anyone else can see them

after 16 or more years of hel. I can see what the gods are showing us. The patterns through the chaos. Have learned a lot and had them predict the future for me. I can tell what God someone fits with and where there going after death. they use runes and symbols. Also paint pictures in the clouds. Can look at trees and get info also. Met 12 so far and I think I’m gonna get passed through them all. Anyone else have this happening? Or heard of this… Still not 100% sure I haven’t lost my mind. But every time I doubt I get a picture of the future.

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I think thats really great and its the first time i have heard about a such thing. Is it possible for you to look into other peoples life doubts too?

You talking about knowing about after death? I can do it in person. they help me show what someone needs to see. But it’s tricky. show someone something impossible and they need to see it again and again… I can tell you how I got my awnser.

@Lif Please introduce yourself in an individual topic thread in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area as you were asked to do. It is a rule here and required.

I got showed thors hammer means you need strength or a anchor point. Also saw two was rune. And a sign to say there hard to see but there.

Asked a question about Norse gods in the Norse forum correct? Not sure what rule I broke. I need 2 intro myself in newbie area before going anywhere else?

Yes, it is a rule here. An introduction is supposed to be the first thing you do, though most need to be asked to do so because they don’t generally read the automated greeting that is sent out upon sign up.

I call them strings, but yes I know what you’re talking about. Somehow I can just see how everything is connected and where the strings lead back. Something I’ve always done is I can look at a situation and see every possible outcome and calculate (don’t know how else to describe it but get percentages instantly) of the likelihood each will happen.

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