Need to keep someone safe

I’m looking for an enn or something I can do to keep someone special in mind completely safe with good fortune. Safe from harm from anyone and anything, just taking extra precaution

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What demons do you work with? If you have a close relationship with a particular demon, use that demon’s enn.

If you are not adverse to angels, there is a spell for protection in Damon Brand’s book Words of Power. It’s a pretty easy system. Once the words are charged, all you have to do is vibrate them.

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Servitors can also accomplish this. All depends how you want to do this

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Haven’t worked with any yet

Just a simple but effective way, how can I summon one?

You create servitors, not summon. Might be something to look into


I’ll see what I can find, thank you

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I can’t find much on this site… websites that come up when I search it are mostly about what they are rather than how to create them. How would you create one?

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