Need to get this off my chest

I’ve been stuggling with money issues(kind of) for a while now.

Today I had some come in and decided to buy a bottle of liquor for my Patron(I hope he is, even if I fucked up).

Here’s what happened:

After I bought the substitute liquor, I had strong urge to go gambling slots.
I put in 1/3rd= lost.
Put 2nd/3rd= lost.
Put my last into the slots and just as I’m bout to give up, I win a little.

I said in my head, I need to win my money back.
It’s like I heard the voice of king Paimon say “okay, you got it”.
I keep on gambling and reach the point where I broke even.

Next thing I know I’m losing like crazy, I have King Paimon in my mind all this time and I feel sad as hell and like I’m about to lose consciesness right as I’m playing.

All of a sudden, for whatever reason, I yell out in my mind "Belial, Help!’’.
I felt like a “Get the fuck out of my way”-kind of energy and I doubled my money.

I was happy for a moment but like a real dumbass, I wasn’t happy.
Right before I lost it all, it’s like I could see the disappointment and they left…

Is there still hope or have I fucked up bad?


Well sounds like you got rewarded but feelt it wasnt enough since you lost it all again.
If nothing else you have learned a lesson.


Just my personal opinion but it kind of sounds like you have a gambling problem. Not sure how often these “strong urges” come up but it doesn’t sound super healthy.

I wouldn’t worry too much about how King Paimon feels about it, but I’d take a look if there’s a problem there.


Hi Darkness Walker can I pm you.

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If you’re short of cash, you should stop gambling and buying non essentials, such as drink. Focus on working, saving and investing sensibly: working hard to make the most of a spirit’s assistance shows far more respect and dedication than buying them offerings you clearly can’t afford and gambling away what little you have.


Sure :slight_smile:

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don’t gamble off your money like that. Even big shot mages don’t go into gamble believing some spirit has their back.


So you doubled your money yet you kept gambling till you lost everything?

It surprises me that Belial even helped you with that, he hates addictions.


Yeah, it’s a messed up situation.
Initially when I made a pact, I asked to help me with this stupid fkin addiction.

Really need to get my shit together.

@ everyone else, thank you for helpful feedback


There’s this guy or group that was on George Noory and the LOA. They’d charge themselves up as a group, cleaned via methods (I think it was a workshop you had to pay to get in) then they’d hit Vegas. Winnings they had to donate (or the majority). I can’t recall their win %. Seemed pretty scammy to me like most of his guests and himself.

The real lesson here is that gambling is designed to take your money. Same goes for the lottery or anything else of the like, magick or not. It’s something created by the government to be able to tax poor people.


I try to be as objective as possible concerning spiritual matters.
Only when faced with overwhelming evidence do I consider such things.

I turned $20 into $40 one time.
Then got greedy and lost it all.
Never gambled at a casino since.
Slots are especially devious.
Ran by an “Algol-Rhythm”…


Tbh, “my intuition guided me to a slotmachine and the voices in my head told me that they’ll make me win, which they did, however once I couldn’t press one button to cash it out, a very powerful spirit called me a fucking idott before leaving” sounds pretty retarded.

Algol-rhytm…everyday i learn something new

From reading your descriptions, it seems that you did not appreciate what the spirits did for you. Appreciation and gratitude for their help in winning, even if it was only a small amount, is a necessary part of magick. It goes a long way to opening up the flow of money, which is why it is part of every Law of Attraction book on wealth, and magick is really no different.


Lots of magicians are or have been addicted to something, you’re far from alone, and the cultural saturation of 12-step groups that turn addiction into a moral issue are about as useful as a chocolate teapot. IMO anyway.

Make amends if you can, work out what’s 9% of the money you had won (at first) and buy Belial a really nice offering of that value, to thank him and state to him you were in the wrong, but your reaction came from your quest to surpass your old state. I did a post with all my info and experiences here and it has other member’s valuable contributions as well:


Belial hates addiction, and you’re addicted to gambling. … stop gambling if you want to work with Belial or he’ll ruin you to force you to stop. You’re on a path to a homeless, living hell otherwise.

Also, 2 fingers’ll do, not the whole bottle when you’re broke,

And yeah, the house always wins. If they didn’t they’d throw you out as soon as your luck turned anyway.


that was awsome until you lost it they helped but as humans we dont know when to give up until its too late so this is just a lesson i thin they wanted to show you next time just dont if you win double what you had yamido(STOP) immediately they are here for us but we cant expect them to give more then what you give equivalent exchange is a real thing not just something out of full metal alchemist (i just wanted to say that lol sorry) you have an opportunity coming to you soon trust in your gut and put MORE trust in you patrons they are your army lead them to your finish line…(sorry i gotta sleep i hope you get what im saying) anyway struggles come and go remember that ok :slight_smile:

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also added…i dont want to tell you how to run your life nor am i gonna knock you trust me ive been were you are heading dont take the get rich quick thing it wont do nothing but fail you i know that these entities love to help but some will only help if we our selfs put in the effort ask to help find a job then go look should be first step even have random ppl give you money to get a place or a friend that is ok with you crashing on the couch til you are together you got this we use our heads to call on them so we should use our heads to figure out out situation to u got this

He did help you. Belial gave you a chance to keep your word.

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