Need to curse an abusive cruel mother

My mother has been a bully my whole life, to me and my siblings. Evil names, attacks, insults. She delights in tearing us down. I feel hopeless more and more by the day.
I have seen dreams of her getting severely sick, but want to finish the job.
Any tips would be helpful


I know how it feels like, I was in the same situation since my childhood both my dad and mom we’re so abusive. It was really fucking disgusting. And I didn’t have to anything to do. Just crying and talking pain.

Finally one day the insulted me and I decided to park my things and left there home. Until now when don’t talk with each other for about two years. They are just concern calling my friends trying to know where I’m staying from.

I had to do it because my parents we’re toxic. Finally my parents are my parents. No matter toxic, abusive they are. I wouldn’t think of cursing at all. Just leave them alone and continue with your life. That’s just my personal opinion.


I would do a freezer spell:

I would also set up some protections to counter her attacks and insults. Mother or not, no one has the right to be abusive, and everyone deserves to feel safe and secure. Set up some protections for you and your siblings. Call on a spirit, possibly a mother spirit to protect you. Depending on how old your siblings are, seek help and call the proper authorities if she’s hurting you or them or placing you in danger.

It’s a shame the one person in this world you’re supposed to trust and who is supposed to love you unconditionally is hurting you. I hope things get better.

Good luck.


I won’t advice you against cursing, since this would be against the forum rules.
However, if you want your curse to be successful you should think about what you want to achieve by doing that. What do you want to make her feel or do?
If you have an answer to that you might see what kind of curse you need to do. Think of your goal first and then think about the road towards it.

Also, these dreams you mentioned remind me of trauma dreams, and they are usually your inner child talking to you. Try to find out what your inner child needs to be healed from these experiences.

Sometimes we feel the desire to punish others in order to make them realise their mistakes, but this most likely won’t happen. If that’s the case, I would try to cut the cords and focus on yourself and your siblings only.


thank you. Appreciate it

What about your father? I wanted to curse my abusive mother but I knew it would harm my brother and father which I care about.

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If you are calling a spirit to fulfill the curse, then you can specify that no harm comes to your father and brother, only your target. It’s the difference between making a surgical strike and lobbing a grenade hoping to hit something. Collateral damage tends to happen more in rituals of rage, where energy is flying off in all directions.


It cannot be prevented as my mother’s death or misery will give them grief which harms them.

Not necessarily. Grief is temporary; they’ll get over it. It basically comes down to weighing that temporary sense of loss against what would be gained from the target’s removal.


Grief is not always temporary. Some do never get over it. I suspect it’s the case with my familiy.

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Same here. Abusive, narcissistic Bible thumping, thief, etcetera.

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I won’t give details or soppy stories, but my father was far from being the “best,” and yet I always knew better than to curse him.

Don’t curse your own blood :woman_facepalming: Not because of “morals,” but because they are part of you, whether you like it or not.

I’d advise a major banishment and that’s it. Or… go ahead and try cursing them as you would anybody else… see how that turns out…

That is morals my dear.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, my dear. I’m saying, if you share blood, you might get hit too.

I wonder if the same thing happens to those that don’t share blood but are still family, though.

I can tell you what I know, based on my opinion, knowledge of energy links between people. In most cases, the best curse is to simply ignore 100% the person. I mean 100%, mind free of that person, regardless of what that person did. Knowing you do not care anymore, it will infuriate the guilty person and will be judged according to what the person did. You must not be attached to any feelings, emotions or in person energy with this person,. If you succeed, it will work. But ignoring a person is not easy. But the biggest revenge is to ignore the person. (long story)


I’ve already seen her sick in the ethers, just need to bring it to Earth. I will curse anybody who tries to destroy my happiness and well-being, can be blood or not

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My parents’ also are toxic.
My life went to all the way down since i returned home.
I feel caged, drained and without purpose.
I’m trying using AoM’s Circle of Power ritual for cleaning and protection but i did not feel better.
Did you ever try it?
I’m desperate to find a way out of the negative spiral and procrastination.

Are you sure you want to curse your own mother?
Is she your blood mother? Could be dangerous.

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I love y’all.
But why do you keep bringing up blood links? People beat up their spouses who they have kids with? They whip, torture and throw acid on people they love? They torture their kids? They rape their own blood all the time.
Nothing happens to them.
Please stop being scaredy cats for those of us who seek revenge.

In family situations I’d recommend doing healing work on the abuser first, and protection on the other family members.

If that doesn’t work, Glasya-Labolas.

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