Need to block a witch from reaching me

You’ve said you don’t really do magick, that’s the reason she has sway, not because she’s really powerful.
Do you have shields and wards up around you and your home that you up keep? I’m sure you will have to do something more now but I feel you should set these up right away if you haven’t already.


@nikki told me about tobacco water.

Edit: thank you for your reply btw

As far as I remember Tobacco water isn’t warding and shielding. That’s more of cleansing.

Warding and Shielding are things that should be done regardless of weither you’re under attack or not and need to be refreshed or fed periodically.

To stop something like this your will is the key, no one can fully stop it for you if you don’t exert your own will and make sure your protected from future attacks it will just happen again.

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Is there anything I can do that is warding and sheilding?

zoonar. She he ki. Harth.

This was the curse she was texting to me btw. Any ideas? Just before I was going to bed.

Edit: Or is it a curse? Wtf is it?

Some good info and different methods in this thread. I learned more of the elemental shields where you meditate with the elements or creating sigils to keep on your person and around your home as barriers.
I like spirits as well but that’s up to you on which you want to communicate with or if you want to create your own.

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What makes you think it was a curse?

Walk-through on creating wards:

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when she texten me zoonar it was a special feeling.

Edit: she is nothing, she did scare me, now its over. Im not scared.

That just sounds like you were Astral projecting?

You have a choice to make - keep feeding this energy and keeping things to post them here.

Or do the cleansing methods sucggested then cut and clear from it, and move on.

This is a conscious choice you get to make, but unless and until you make it, all the chat and sharing images online is only holding you stuck.

Choose how many more days of your life you wish to give to this.


edit: Maybee those words meant something I was thinking. Whatever now she is defeated.

Where did that even get suggested?

I’m sorry, I have to give up on this, you seem to be conducting a marketing campaign on yourself in favour of this curse, I have done all I can.

I wish you good luck. :+1:


I think you are thinking about this all wrong.

NO ONE has sway or power over you unless you let them. Look at the suggestions and posts we’ve made and find some that work for you then make them habits. People get in because you leave a door open not because they bash it in (at least that seems to be the case in in my opinion).


"She is nothing"
That is a great start.


We have given you all the help we can, both in this thread and the one @Lady_Eva moved to private.

As the Lady said, either use what we have given you, or don’t. The choice is yours to make, but you need to stop going around in circles in both threads, and actually use the information we have given you.

Let it go, use what you’ve learned, and move on.

I will no longer be involved in this.


@DarkestKnight and @Lady_Eva

Yes you are right. And I totally understand you.

Thankyou for all your support and help and time!

I Will take care of this now. To night is the first night I have time for this. Well everything is settled, within a month she is defeated.


The reason why I posted the picture of that is because I did find it in deleted pictures yesterday. I did not know it existed until yesterday. And I was like ”I have to show them this”. Why I then deleted the picture here is because what if she hangs out here, not the brightest Idea she Will then read it anyway… lol… haha. I did not know that IPhone had a deleted picture folder. I dont want any trouble, Well Im Done here! Thanks again.

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I’m out of this as well. By the way, I could swear I’ve previously seen the second picture on a porn site. I could be wrong.
I’m out.

Gudmar1 requested their accouint be closed, de-linked from their username, and this thread made private, I have made it unlisted so I can notify everyone who took part what occured, and anonymised their account. :+1: