Need to become possessed

BALG Fam, I need a few ideas here. A little background. I am a sales rep for a large apparel firm. We do about 100M a year in revenue and I have been given the task of starting an entire new division of the company. So I am now required to do business with heavy hitter whale sized companies, call on them, get a meeting, close the deal. I am already doing this but want to be more flexible in my speech. My voice is very deep and at times, people seem to get intimidated by me. Ive have been told that I can an aggressive sales person. Good to do business with cocky executive’s but not the more humble type. I would like to become more articulate in my sales pitch so I can sell anyone. I think this is where I would like to find the correct entity to posses me for a few months. Any ideas who is the right entity is to become articulate and convincing. Mind control is not what I am looking for as I need to speak to people first over email and over the phone. Any ideas?


Actually King Paimon can help you with mind control because he can change people’s thoughts and make them do some things that may help you even if you talk to them via phone. But also, King Paimon is really good with these things to be honest. I suggest you to talk to him at first and see what he has to say.


I knew people would say piamon and belial first. But that’s not what I want. Mind control for me feels more like an in person type of magick mixed with mundane movements and sounds. People have their own will. I want to be more articulate and convincing over the phone.


Then King Paimon, he can teach you many things and since he’s a great strategist, you’ll learn a lot for sales and stuff like that.


Try an invocation of Mercury/Hermes to be fleet of tongue and more loquacious.

Another option, if planetary isn’t your thing, would be Nichsa, the Elemental King of Water. He can help you be more persuasive.


Actually planetary is a magick I use often. Probably more then entities. But right now I am learning elements so the water elemental seems quite interesting


Water governs the emotions, and it is the emotions you need to appeal to for sales, so I think Water fits more than Air, which governs the intellect.


Call me old-fashioned but I’m not sure adding on a side of demonic possession will lessen that?! :rofl:

Seriously, I was going to say Mercury but @DarkestKnight beat me to it, best bet IMO is a planetary talisman tasked with this, and you can turn that deep voice and presence into reassuring imagery, check out some adverts or movie trailers where a guy with a deep voice comes over as trustworthy as well and steal their tricks.


Of course I’m going to say Lucifer because he is so articulate and warm. But if I remember correctly I think Furfur can cause one friendships and might be more on track. Creating a very likeable ambiance.


You could work sonething with king balam. His talents would be suited for this.


I really was not even thinking demonic possession was necessary. But a talisman seems like a good idea. I never buy them but any ideas of where to get a good mercury talisman?

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Best ones are handmade, because you’re using your will to make that Planet’s energy manifest, it’s a symbol.

Israel Regardie’s book How to Make and Use Talismans is the definitve work afaik, and ininfitely adaptable outside the GD influenced ideas withint it.

Do you have any orange or silver card or paper in the house?

If so you could have one made within hours once you read the book, and it’s more of a booklet than a tome.


Maybe simple invocation of Paimon, Belial, or Agares would help? I read somewhere on here that a user would invoke Lucifer to become more charismatic and they really improved their life with this repeated practice. Sadly, I can’t for the life of me find this thread.


That could help actually.

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Thanks for even trying though. I appreciate that and its why i stay on this forum

I would vouch for Beleth and Belial, Beleth will make the potential client bound to you and Belial will make you say the correct stuff at the correct time to close deals.

A deep voice is an asset, especially if the people on the other side are ladies or effeminate men.Choose your targets, Facebook and google them carefully before you call.

You can stare at their picture to reach out to them even before you call them.

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Okay, so I saw King Paimon mentioned several times. He has been mentioned A LOT lately, :slight_smile: . I agree. Possession may not be needed, though. King Paimon is well known for His ability to dominate and teach influence of others, but most just scratch the surface of what He can bestow in this regard.

King Paimon correlates to water, and He is very underrated as a teacher of emotional understanding, both in your self and in other people. When you get a grasp of a person’s emotional state and tendencies you can then find what motivates them, what they react positively to, how to structure your words and use particular words in every situation, tailored to each individual. When you can grasp that then you are infinitely more capable of offering them what they want in a way they will want it, and in return make them happy to give you what you want. Is that not the art of the deal?

A simple, long term relationship with King Paimon or another spirit capable of similar ability, coupled with regular invocations of that spirit can really work. This is what I do for a similar problem, because I am also a deep voiced, potentially aggressive sounding person as well.

I have a permanent sigil of King Paimon that I must have chanted and meditated on a thousand times. During meditations on this particular sigil I will chant an invocation to Him while seeing myself as the embodiment of influence. I always get the deal. I pass the law. I get the smile and a laugh. I instill fear and respect at my leisure. I can lull the crankiest child into a peaceful sleep. etc, etc, etc… I do this until I get into that really peaceful state you achieve when trying to burn a sigil into your subconscious.

Then, when I need to make an important call, compose a delicately worded message, just before an important encounter, etc, I take out the sigil, quickly try to achieve a brief working state, and perform the invocation again. Now, here’s the trick; I don’t ground myself or do anything to snap out of it, then carry out the task at hand. Everything just seems to flow, like water, and the words just come. I also get an intuitive sense of how and when to speak in a certain fashion. Hell, on some phone calls, if I am at home I will actually trance out to the sigil while on the phone, lol. It works like…magick.

I am convinced it is a combination of the invocation combined with the repetition of burning a certain archetype into your brain. It seems to work, though.


I would not suggest possession in this instance. Try a talisman, or create a servitor and you’d have better results.