Need to 180 My Life

Okay so after much careful consideration and thought I can deny it no longer… I need help.

So ima just say it like this; for any effort I put in, life just spartan kicks me down the hole.

Now any advice or help with magick to obtain the following without materials or privacy.

  • a place of my own
  • Money flow
  • Getting my health back
  • Just basic needs met

So I just got out of the service and honestly got screwed. Consider offing myself, but screw it ima toughen it out.

Where im at now: Gas is almost empty, $1 to my name and just trying to be positive.

What I’ve been doing: meditating, overnight subliminals, positive thinking. (Still stuck unfortunatly)

So I come to y’all asking what to do or how to work with whats available. Please and thank you


What kind of environment are you in? Like city, rural, etc. What opportunities are nearby? Is the location itself a problem for getting these things such as almost impossible to make money because your town is a dead end place? What skills do you have available to work with? Do you have family and friends nearby you can lean on for a short period to get yourself balanced out again?

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Do you have The Book of Azazel or Kingdoms of Flame?

There are spirits in both books who can help you turn things around.

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Call upon Goetian Bune for financial and work related success, hope things get better.

Positive vibes coming your way.

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Ahl’far’dahn can provide all your basic needs
but only what is absolutely necessary
after that you can work on expanding what you have to your desire

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