Need test subjects for evolution exercises

This is something I’ve been working on. I have a cert as a PT (physical trainer) and I study the results of varies methods to see which ones produce fruit.

In this case I’m working on sport psychology to evolve the human potential beyond the limits of perceived human normal. Anyone who is interested please post and I’ll PM you the details. of what I require. tell me where you evolutionary goals lay and I’ll present to you something that should aid you.

all I ask in return is you share you results with me via PM. update often. thank you


interesting. ill do it

What are your goals, I’ll pm you something to add to your regiment. 1 to 3 months of devotion is required to this exercises.

I’m interested.
I’ll PM you soon

PM me, i wont say them here


Pm sent

Here is one I’m in the process of working on.

The practice is said to make you invulnerable. Take a moment to center and meditate. Feel the u are outside under a bright sun.

Feel its heat. And light. Then raise yourself up towards the sun. It gets hotter and brighter. Put yourself into the surface of the sun. Then the core. See it’s flames and its heat. U are unharmed by it. Unblinded by the light. In burned by its flames. Become merged with the sun. Do this for ten minutes a day

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Ok so how’s the progress?

For the dragon one I basically got the same results as before.

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Can I just say it here?

im down; use me


State what ur goal is

I will say in a month lol just got my wisdom teeth removed

Alright I want to be able to lightly jog at 15 mph and sprint at 30

that is easy.

So, do a meditation, imagine yourself on the road or a track or just moving in general. Feel yourself running. moving faster and faster. Faster then other runners, faster then a car. push the feeling of movement, imagine and feel yourself running with such speed that you reach your destination effortlessly and easily.

do this for 10 to 15 minuets a day every day

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Wait really that’s it? I mean it just sounds so easy :joy: you would think it would be hard

Should I do any running whilst I meditate?