Need suggestions for a comfortable posture. I'm struggling to find

Every time i tried to meditate or sitting in a certain posture i found myself struggling with it
At first i’ve tried to sit in a posture like most black magicians in a circle or for a quick example e.a koetting’s posture and i just dont understand how it can be comfortable because the legs are just getting crushed against the hard floor or been squeezed in general and if the feet are not flexed behind it still putting a lot of pressure.
I’ve tried even crossing my legs which is a little better but i still find my ankles been crushed against the floor and if it’s on a more soft surface then it’s just been squeezed between the legs and the back starting to cramps after a while.

Anyway any suggestions on a few good comfortable postures would be great, or even maybe how to adjust those postures accordinly to make it less interrupting.

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When I was in a méditation group, they said that you just have to be in a confortable posture, no need to do like everyone else with leg crossed :thinking:
But they did recommended to have your back straight ! So maybe just use a chair to sit :slight_smile:
Personnaly, I love to lay down on my back.


I usually just sit on a chair, feet on the ground, hands resting on my thighs and back straight. I’ve also always felt the sitting posture to be really uncomfortable.

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The god posture is what I use.

Sit upright in a hard backed chair, spine straight, feet flat on the ground, hands on the thighs.

It is called the god posture because it is the posture the Egyptian gods were usually sculpted in.

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It takes practice to sit like E.A. I personally sit in the Japanese Seiza position regularly in daily life and meditation as it is the only way I can sit for long periods of time. I agree that there is no set posture and sitting in a chair with your back straight is what you should start with. I think experimenting with different ways to sit is a good idea still but as long as you are comfortable that is all that matters not the specific posture itself.

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Just out of curiosity tho how do u find it comfortable to sit in the japanese seiza posture? Isnt your feet been pressured by the weight of your body? Do you adjust it somehow to not interrupted by that?

And as for @Selkie
Thanks but still just to point out ofc you should find what is best for you and not try to sit like everyone else it was just an example but still thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely try it out, sounds much better.
Now for instins what if i will want to sit on the floor on a circle that i made is there a certain way that can be adjusted to not putting pressure on your legs?
Ofc not necessary but still i would like to know if there is a good way for this option.

and what is ea’s posture?

Well from what i understood now it is called the Japanese seiza position

it hurts, from what I know it was used as a way of torturing people (to stay for hours like this or to stay with your knees on different things like nutshell)


I practiced Ninjutsu and we are taught to sit that way for everything. It is uncomfortable at first but you get used to it. With my back straight I don’t really get uncomfortable as my body weight is evenly distributed between both feet. When I do get to the point of feet falling asleep I slightly raise myself off of them and then resume. I can’t sit crossed legged or in a chair very long before by my circulation gets cut off, my body is used to sitting on the floor in seiza so it really is the only way I can sit :woman_shrugging:

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@someguy1 Seiza is a traditional proper way of sitting and is still used in Japan to this day during ceremony and sometimes day to day life.

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I usually just bring the chair into the circle with me.

If you want to sit on the floor, try using a zafu or a firm pillow. A zafu is a meditation cushion that is designed to elevate your hips above your knees to help maintain proper posture while sitting for long periods of time. A smaller cushion can be tucked under the ankles to prevent your feet from hurting. I have done this when meditating on a hard wood or concrete floor.

Well seems pretty useful also with getting use to it but i can try it out.