Need someone eliminated from the equation

Hey there everyone! I hope you’re all doing well.

Now , unlike my previous posts , most of which were curious questions that took root while I was in the shower , I’m asking this question for a single purpose. I need someone dead. I know a few of you will tell me to search for methods on magickal assassinations , but the thing is , I already have gone through most of that , and Dra’talon works well , but a bit too slow at the rate I need this done. So if anyone knows a quick , easy spell , or an entity which can be evoked easily who can accomplish what I need done , it’d really help. It would also help if someone could tell me alternatives to petition Norath without covering his sigil in blood. Time is of the essence in this matter , so please let me know ASAP.

Thanks a lot in advance for all your help guys. I was a lurker on this forum for a long time , but recently after seeing a lot of wonderful content and people I made the decision to become active.

Have a nice day!


I’m sorry, but you cannot magically murder someone on a timetable. It doesn’t really work like that. Curses will take as long as they take because overcoming someone’s will to live takes time, and the amount of time it takes is dependent on a lot of variables such as the targets health, spiritual defenses, protections, etc.

There is no such thing when it comes to baneful magick.

@Micah, what would you suggest?


A good trick is an illusion to trap them in dreams, time, psychosis, etc. Seeing them as a huge threat is also good as you willl give them loads of fear energy bu tjus tmake sure its NOT real!