Need some test monkeys again

So I have a few ideas I wanna try involving some techniques by koetting. Anyone wanna help?

I’m game depending what it is B_C as long as youre not going to curse me or send something bad my way that i’m not equipped to deal with yet :scream:

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Simple illusion/glamor magick. I’m gonna try to make you perceive what isn’t truly there. It’s very temporary.


Sounds intriguing go for it im a willing test monkey :slight_smile:

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Alright. Pay attention to all of your senses. Both physical and non physical. Specifically what you see.

I’m up.

I dont know what the hell happened there but 40 minutes just upped and disappeared and I just found the biggest scrying mirror that took me on an awesome little journey where I saw lots of things anything in particular you were trying to send my way B_C ?

Maybe I’m not the best test subject as my senses arent that attuned yet I dont know.

You were supposed to see snakes on yourself. But no that was not supposed to happen.

Ok one moment.

I gonna keep trying on you man in the dark.

@Black_Coyote if you wanna try something go ahead…anything (Insert maniacal laugh). Need some practice anyway lol

Ok. Sending ​illusion now.

saw Snakes and spiders on me. Was that you? Note: I didnt see them on me physically,I saw them on me in my minds eye


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Let’s see if you can see this next one

So the first thing I got was Ants/Termites crawling on me(again, minds eye); if thats not it, I just saw ‘something’ flash in the corner of my eye lol

It was supposed to be a crow sitting in front of you and a massacre of them flying in circles around you.

On the bright side I made some progress.
Lemme try something else.

OH i got an great idea: instead of video potcasts, you could send a illusion-podcast
°~(^u^)~° This also could be an awesome way for BALG to have an alternative for video courses.

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Do I smell another test subject?

I’m down for some testing