Need some solid input

i need to know if someone is still messing with my magick. can anyone help? i have alot of enemies. any advice or help is appreciated

If you have the book Magical Attack, there is a spell to discover your enemy. I have found it to be extremely effective, as I literally had someone working magic against brag about it right in front of me while they thought I was not listening. You can also use divination.


i dont have the book, but can u tell me if i can be stopped from doing magick peroid? or if demons can be made to not help me? and i mean all demons.

You or your enemy?

Edit: dumb question after I reread that lol. Yes, there are ways to bind someone from using magic and to coax spirits not to work with others. It is not something that tends to last forever however. In my experience, bindings are usually a way to temporarily disable someone to set them up for easier banishment or other workings. I believe there is a spirit from the Belial Grimoire that is especially helpful with removing bonds, although I cannot think of her name for the life of me at the moment.

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do u think u could find the name for me? i would be so grateful

Warning: extremely long ass reply post below because I needed to make a point:

@cerbeus20 Can you be stopped from doing magick? Not unless you stop yourself.

Can all the demons that exist be stopped from helping you? Not possible.

Someone can put up roadblocks like asking another demon (demon y) to stop demon x from coming to help you. Then if demon y chooses to they could wrestle with demon x to stop him but no one can stop all the demons no one can make all the demons do something.

Demons have free will they can do what they please and no human being can make them do something and no human has the power to stop them doing something they wanna do.

So bluntly no one but you yourself can stop you doing magick.

To put it bluntly no one can make (force) a demon to do anything they don’t want to do.

To put it bluntly it’s impossible for any human being to force all the demons that exist to not help you.

I mean really how is 1 witch going to force millions of demons all of them to do their (the witch’s) will to make them all not help you.

Just the thought of someone trying to force all the demons brings up several ridiculous images to mind like

  1. a witch (wearing Hollywood witch type costume) waving a wand at a crowd of demons bigger then the Super Bowl crowds and said witch saying get back don’t make me use this I’m warning you I’ll use this wand against all of you if you help cerbeus20.

  2. a witch (same costume) waving a crucifix at the demons saying the power of Jesus compels you you may not cross you may not help cerbeus20 the power of Christ forbids you.

It just brings those ridiculous images to my head when you ask can someone make all the demons not to help you.

I’m not making fun of your question btw I’m just trying to point out how impossible it would be for any 1 person or even any 1 coven to try and force or control all the demons that are in existence (there’s just too many).

Note that each high ranked demon controls legions not just 1 legion each, and a Roman legion had 4000 to 5000 soldiers in it. And you’ve got loads of head demons with many legions. It’s not like theirs only 1 demon with only 1 legion. Like for example 1 head demon is said to have 50 legions under him another 30 and so on.

So if you consider how many demons that would be there’s no way anyone or any group of people could control them all to force them not to help you.

And no one can prevent you doing magick except yourself. I think it’s highly unlikely that anyone has physically tied you up and locked you in a prison cell preventing you from doing magick so please get that idea out of your head. No one can prevent you doing magick.

Edit add: it’s just my opinion but I don’t believe you can be stopped from doing magick and I don’t believe demons can be coerced not to help you.


A basic scan says no, no one is trying to interfere with your magick.

You maybe need to go back to basics and practice meditation and get more inner development done, so that you can start sensing spirits and the flows of energy around you, and then you will be able to feel these things for yourself.


Hey CW… I mean @Dralukmun I believe your referring to Bat Zephon. Very helpful

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Ah, that rings a bell. Thank you

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