Need some ideas

Hi Magi,

I live in a typical collected flat system where one building has many floors and flats. My neighbors children have been giving problems to us from a long time.
They ring the bell of the house and run away.
Knock on the front door and run away.

It’s time that I deal with them properly. Don’t give me bullshit that they are just children and let them have some fun. I’m past that phase now :wink: It’s time to learn and use some baneful magick 3:) I dont intent to hurt them badly but sure wanna teach those suckers a lesson. I hope you understand the difference :wink: I have some ideas on how to deal with the situation.

However, I would like to know how you would deal with this situation using magick.

Thanks in advance.

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Draw a bright scarlet inverted pentagram on the door, or hang a goats head inverted pentagram cloth on the door.


In the front of the door or back of the door?

Cant do it in the front anyways, I dont wanna tip them what im gonna use against them, element of surprise :wink:
Can do on the back of the door. I would prefer something angelic rather than demonic.

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Was thinking front of the door.

I think that they’re going to shit themself only with that


Yeah, but I dont wanna tip them what im gonna use against them. I prefer something subtle, angelic and effective :wink:

I was thinking of drawing a custom sigil made specifically for this purpose or a spirit sigil on the back of the door.
Any more ideas ??


This has had alot of good results for getting rid of unwanted people.


the jar or doll we create needs to be freezed constantly or buried. I cant freeze something constantly and dont have a secluded place nearby where I bury things.

Honestly I can’t :joy:
I imagine these poor little children pooping in their diaper and screaming like

and you right there observing the fabulous work done :



I can make a new entity who will keep track of who knocked to trouble us and make them poop in that pants :joy:
A little far away from my house though :wink:

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@Uncle-Al might have some ideas :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea. Is the issue that you want some kind of revenge or recompense, or do you just want the BS to stop? If it is the later, you could make a custom sigil with a statement of intent like “these people WILL find a new place to live, and may it bless all involved” or “these people will stop harassing me and may it bless all involved.”


I’m a parent.

Also as a child my friends and I did the exactly the same thing.

Talk to the parents… Introduce yourself to their parents. Maybe invite the parents over for coffee or a beer sometime. Most parents are really open to neighbors informing on their kiddo’s. In my neighborhood I was the parent that started doing just that and it brought the parents in the neighborhood together. All of a sudden the annoying behavior done by kids in the neighborhood went way down.

If you want to go to the extra work,after you’ve met them have a pot luck.

We in the US live such fractured lives and don’t even know our neighbors at all. Sometimes the mundane way of doing things may get the best results.

Also putting something on your door that muggles would deem scary might backfire as some kids would see that as a challenge. Sort of like daring their friends to go into an abandoned supposedly haunted house.


A bit of both :joy:
Whats the use of magick If i cant harrass people who harrass me?? :smiling_imp:

FIrst of all, I want it to stop.
Second, I want to teach them a lesson, sweet simple and definitive :slight_smile:

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Been there done that. No results achieved that way so far.
That’s why I said, Its time for some baneful magick :smiling_imp:
But not to the extent of hurting them badly or lifetime :stuck_out_tongue:
But I sure wanna see them suffer :slight_smile:
It is the time I become a black mage :smiling_imp:

I hear you on one hand. On the other I would look at it as a challenge, both to myself as well as my ability. I personally find it more of a challenge to make win-wins than I do to make a situation a win for just me.

And keep in mind, being punished appropriately and not growing up to be a little turd IS a kind of blessing, so that is not neccessarily ruled out, lol.

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haha exactly :wink: You feel my heart right :slight_smile:
Always a pleasure to talk to you :slight_smile:

If you prefer something Angelic and effective, you could perform some of rituals in the book “wrath of the angels” by Winter Gordonfield. Ritual such as force exile or cause grief (to the extent and in the way you desire). But the effects are not subtle, they are more on the aggressive side.

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I think you mean Angels of Wrath: Wield the Magick of Darkness with the Power of Light ??

Yeah that’s the book.

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