Need some Help

I’ll be quick since i can’t type properly.

I can’t hear or see spirits for the moment,but i can connect with them.I feel their presence,i know they are there,but i feel like they’re just blind energies and they can’t understand what i want them to do.
I want to ask these questions:

Is it possible to connect only with the current and not the spirit?

Which is the best way to show or tell them what i want?

How can i know if they’re willing to do it?

I remember a time like that when I was a kid, I don;t clear;ly remember how long I had to persist before I could hold a real-time conversation with a spirit but I DO clearly remember this came first, actually it was quite unnerving because ickle Eva began to realise this reallyy wasn;t a game/daydream, and hell;fire was what everyone promised for this kind of “dabbling” as it was commonly called, anyway I’ll try and reply based on that and what I;ve observed since:

Yes, at first, but you’re entering their awareness more as they enter yours, so it’s progress - persist.

To some extent, to make the leap from being like someone who prays and doesn’t usually get what they pary for, to someone with whom the gods (demons, angels, etc) converse IS the vital initiatory moment when you stop being like every other human and have become a magician, someone to whom the gods themselves speak, not exactly as a peer, but more than they do to the majoity of people.

IMO you earn that right by 1. expecting to have it, which means in some ways thinking highly of yourself and 2. persisting with faityh in yourself, which the spirits seem to respect.

Which is the best way to show or tell them what i want?

Emotion, focused emotion and visualisation, repeated if necessary at this stage now you’ve made contact.

How can i know if they're willing to do it?

Obviously you can try Tarot readings etc., the Book Of Fate (in my notes I listed the ways to adapt questions for whether working wirth a specific spirit on a project is a good idea) then sooner or later you’ll start getting the things you wanted, and also finally begin to make contact.

Thanks Eva.Most of the times i’m trying to force the entity by authority of god names,pushing my will to them or even be thankful,sending emotions and visualizing the end result.It’s not working the way i want,and i don’t know for sure what i’m doing wrong.
I have no problem to work hard and practise to overcome mistakes but i have to spot them.

So for example i want 100 euros from an entity.
I do the call,and the force-entity is there within my sphere
What should i have to do from there?I mean is there a specific way to visualize the end result?I can raise emotions but i think i suck or i don’t understand exactly the process of seeing the end result.

I know people do use force and godnames, but I’m not sure it would fit with also sending the emotion of gratitude - it’s like, if someone grabs you in a dark alley and says “Give me all your money right now or I’ll slash you -” but then proceeds to describe how HAPPY they’re going to be with the new stereo they buy with your cash…?

The emotional/gratitude method seems more to work with the idea we call spirits and (to a large extent) work co-operatively, other people could combine the two but just personally, I don’t see them working. Maybe if someone on here does combine both, they can comment from their own experience, this is JMO.

So for example i want 100 euros from an entity. I do the call,and the force-entity is there within my sphere What should i have to do from there?I mean is there a specific way to visualize the end result?I can raise emotions but i think i suck or i don't understand exactly the process of seeing the end result.

Say you want the 100 to buy a great new coat, visualise yourself wearing the coat, feeling awesome in it, maybe people being attracted to you, compliementing you, or just how good it feels - this has the advantage that it MAY be easier for the spirit to bring you the putcome, than the money, which is usually only the medium of exchange anyway.

It’s hard to be emotional in most cases about money, but easier to have a pleasant feeling about the item we’re going to get, or the expreience (like a holiday) or whatever we want the money for.

Also, I don’t really like to use force, again this is just my method but I prefer to ask the spirit if they’re willing to help me, what they’d like in exchange - keep things amicable and co-operative. Spirits like to work with me, new ones approach me regularly, and I’m reasonably certain that’s because I take this approach, rather than using force.

That’s again JMO and if you’re working a specific method that insists on force, then go with that method, but for myself I’m just not seeing it. My evocations look more like the stuff E.A.'s posted in his videos, insofar as I neither force spirits nor grovel to them, in the majority of cases.

And the spirits I work with most, for example Hathor, I extend love and reverence to her like a respected older sister, so again that’s about building a different kind of relationship. This is just how I work, obviously not the ONLY way at all, but I am generally successful in getting what I wanted… :slight_smile:

I get the message.I feel tired asking for help and receive almost nothing.In fact i’m really pissed off with them.If they are servitors to god then i’ll go for the highest source and express my gratitude there,and not to the spirits.I could be wrong but i think they don’t give a shit about human needs unless you go to their superior force that governs them and ask for authority and assistance.

In fact two days before i approached Nitika out of the NAP system commanding him big time with god’s authority and the only intention i had was to bind him to do what i say.For a moment i felt like he attacked me.

I’m trying different methods and almost everything i can think of to get what i want but sometimes i just don’t have the patience to be grateful and nice.’‘Bring me the money dude and i’ll thank you after’

On the other hand i have the feeling that some of them are just egregores and they respond only if you command them clear and with authority.The whole thing is just confusing.Do you have to be nice with something which is just a mass of energy?
The whole thing is confusing enough for me

I’ve honestly never found that, once I persisted enough to make contact, I found most spirits very loving, or at least, co-operative.

Edit to add: they WANT to help us, for various reasons, but they actually are usually looking for a way to do that, so this is the serious major reason I don’t go round using force, it’s totally unnecessary! And I dunno, something about it makes me think it inidcates the magicians doesn’t, deep down, feel entitled to what he or she wants, and that rings alarm bells for me…

But remember they don’t owe you anything, at least not right now - it’s like, if someone joined this forum and said “Okay I’m also a major hacker and everyone here has to tell me all their secret magick tips AND send me $20 each by wire, or I’ll have your forum closed down” - would THAT person get any help or sympthy?

Yet if someone joins and gets on well, posts interesting stuff, asks questions, gives helpful advice, etc., they’re going to find people sharing little tips and stuff, and if they later set up doing readings or whatever, people would contact them and PAY them for their work.

I have always basically treated spirits like people, with respect and politeness, and they’ve been very good to me - VERY good.

If you’re going into this mixing systems and without a clear working model of what you’re even dealing with, then it’s not surprising your results are muddled.

There’s a very true saying “The man who chases two rabbits will catch neither” and you’re basically doing that here, pursuing different, even opposing, methods and worldviews.

As for egregores, MANY spirits use them as go-betweens, for a start, secondly the line between what’s an egregore and what’s “real” is totally blurred anyway - even with humans - and thirdly, again, some people will insist certain spirits are egregores just because THEY didn’t get a result, it’s just pettiness and jealousy.

Why not give a one-month trial of treating spirits like they’re real, living beings with emotions and desires of their own, call them without using force or godnames, just under your own innate authority but WITHOUT throwing that round either, and see how that goes?

But I think mixing methods and then allowing your mind to have this underlying doubt, that’s a surefire recipe for more failure and frustration, as time passes.

Basically i’m not doing this command thing with all of them.I’m very honest and always express feelings and explain how difficult my situation is and what i expect from them.
Maybe i’m not doing it the right way and they don’t get the message.
Believe me i’m not an ass and i don’t want to be one.And when i do things like this is because i feel that i have no other choice and nothing too loose.

I understand, and I wasn’t accusing you of being a jerk to them or anything, I understand exactly what it’s like to be totally desperate.

Can I suggest you try calling Varnaxis, details in the Satanism forum? He was human recently and understands what it feels like to be wiklling to do anything to get a break, and he did specifically tell me to post his details here so he can help people.

The details are all in that thread, don’t try calling him under any godnames (obviously!) but just like you’d dial up someone in your line of work or whatever who you want to mentor you.

He might be able to help sort this out, and he’s NOT an egregore (not that I personally think that’s a distinction that even matters) - I have his photo right in front of me, right now, which is probably as “real” as you’re going to get. :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking of it but i don’t want to do it (for the moment).Fear is the first factor and secondary beacuse i have very limited epxerience with demonic beeings.And the last time i called a demon it turned out into a pure mess.

Fair enough.

You’re studious, have you called on Thoth for help - you seem to be the kind of person he would like a lot?

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:10, topic:6801”]Fair enough.

You’re studious, have you called on Thoth for help - you seem to be the kind of person he would like a lot?[/quote]
I’ll do it.