Need some help

I would like to summon a demon to put on a seductive aura around me . Which demon do you think would likely help me ? Maybe Prince Sitri?

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Yep Sitri is perfect for exactly that. Lucifer could help too. You don’t need both, so just pick whichever you’re feeling more. Personally I prefer Lucifer, but either way will work. Judging from your username though I could guess which you’d vibe with more.

I did it by overdosing on Damiana extract - the alcohol extract. Tastes vile but somehow increases your sex appeal. Tablets, etc. work too, just overdose.


I prefer Lucifer. Lucifer has always helped me. And if you would have guessed Lucifer because of the 665 then well, my isopsephy is 665.Haha!

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It does?