Need some help with stuff for my WIP Fantasy Light Novel

So the story I am making ある養子の魔王の息子の不思議な不幸 (The Mysterious Misfortune of an Adopted Son of a Demon King) is about a boy named Ichigo who is adopted by Asmodeus after his mother is killed, then he gets sent to a magick school. But there is a dark force threatening to wipe out all realms.

Anyway, I need help with a few things relating to the the Magick and realms of this world.

First off, are there any specific rules in actual magickin our world, and if so what are they?

Second, What do different parts of the Infernal, Angelic, and Yokai realms look like?

And third, what sort of monster exist in these different realms that are unfriendly?

I ask these questions because I want to make it as “accurate” as possible when it comes to the realms, creatures, and magick.

Any information would be greatly appreciated, I would try to figure this out myself, but my astral sight isnt that good.

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If interested, I can share the information that I received about my past life and the reality where my soul was. Maybe this will help your creative work.

please do!

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Ok, I will pm you all information about this.

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