Need some guidance :

Lately I’ve learnt that I’m supposed to be a leader of some kind in this life.

I’m not going in to details because it’s quite personal but all my life I’ve been a coward. I am not the person people look to for guidance in general and I have been perceived as weak. But everything I’ve been researching has been leading me to believe that in this Life I’m going to be a leader, even my Spirit Animal who I have just discovered represents leadership and bravery.

Now I’m not complaining here because I really want to change all of this but at the same time I don’t know if I can handle it.

Sorry if I sound whiney. I need some guidance to get started.

Thank you all for your time❤️


From one coward to another: you probably can’t run away from that shrugs
But we can’t hide inside a restroom all of our life, hm?
You got this.


I’m actually tired of it as well🤔

I don’t want to run away from this though because if I do then I’ll essentially prove my ego right and that’s something I won’t do.

Plus I doubt you’re a Coward. I mean you don’t seem like one.


I don’t think you can call yourself weak or anything. Weakness means that you can’t make things happen. However, if you think that you can channel energies and call spirits, just by thinking about them…not many people can do that…
In other words, believe in your power, because you learn some things about you, that even you don’t know.

If the signs tell you that you should be a leader but you don’t know how to do it, perhaps you should go with the flow for a while. Some things just come to us, even if we don’t pursue them.

Trust yourself and your power. If you were a coward, I don’t believe you would be here anyway…keep being you!


Thank you for this❤️

You’re right in a way, I could have backed out of Magick entirely but I did not and I think I’m gonna go with the flow.

I have a lot of work but I won’t back down. Even if it seems scary right now…


Everything may seem scary, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do it, it just means that we understand its importance and we’re on the right path.


What’s your Spirit Animal, if I might be so bold?

One thing that I thought was very interesting is that Bog Veles is associated with bears, and he often transforms into one. And my Spirit Animal was a bear, and Bog Veles is very close to me. As soon as I came back to the faith of my ancestors, it wasn’t Bog Perun, the King of the Pantheon, it wasn’t Bog Rod, Creator of all Things. It was Bog Veles, who greeted me at the door and welcomed me in. It’s beautiful, I’ve never had an entity initiate contact with me before, coming to Rodnovery has been the best decision of my life.

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Do some training.
Work on your hands.
I believe martial arts are a huge part of spirituality.

I know how to take people down and break arms but I never talk about it or even mention such things outside my direct family.
Similar to Occult Beliefs


My main Spirit Animal is a Bald Eagle.

Though I do have a connection with the Hawk, Bear and Stag.

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I do train in Marital Arts and have been considering working with Samael to boost my abilities.

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