Need some guidance plz

So last night i experienced something i have never had happen to me before. As im laying in bed watching some tv trying to fall a sleep at this point its about 2am nothing really on my mind just cant sleep full of energy laying flat on my back i begin to drift off into a sleep. My room fills with smoke and turns from dimly lit from the tv to pitch black and i begin seeing images appear in the smoke i cant recall exactly what i saw but it definitely was a face or a form of some type that would disappear then reappear about 3 seconds later as im conscious of all this happening i then see lucifers sigil appear in the darkness of the room the next thing i know im waking up about 5am this was a really cool experience i was wondering if any one has had a similar experience or can help me understand what is happening to me ive also been having really bad headache’s through out the day and they get worse when im meditating

@Works-of-darkness use the search function and look up theta-gamma sync or trance work.

Yeah this helped clear some of my questions thank you

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