Need some guidance or to help understand about Caine

Last night I had a visit from a being that I never thought they would decide to come by.

Last night I went to bed and had a vision of a hand. But this hand looked partly mummified like a corpse hand. It was pale with some bandages around the wrist area. The name Caine came about. All I could think of was “hu?” The odd part was the hand was outside near the back yard of the house I’m currently living at.

Then the next vision took place. It went from that to a necklace. It was a necklace make from I’m thinking dark leather cord of sorts. The pendent was a bit smaller then a quarter and was completely gold in color. On the pendent I saw a imprint of a road of sorts with hedges of some type of plants. The odd part was this scene was taking place at my work. But no one was in the background just the brick wall that is in the front area when you first enter.

I then woke up and had this nagging feeling to go to my circle. So I decided to do a ritual if evocation to Belial to help me clear my mind. Evocations help me get my mind off of matters that I don’t have answers to and allows to clear my head. The evocation felt grate and after I returned to sleep.

I went to bed to only had a vision of a being that was floating in the air. The hand that I saw in the first vision was now back on the owners body. The being had bandages similar to a mummy but they did not have legs. They had on this torn white looking cloak that covered most of them including their face except their nose and mouth. The face looked very corpse like and I knew this was the being that was in my other visions.

I don’t know much on Caine and tried to look more of him up. Some stuff did pop up like him related to necromancy as well as becoming a witch and such. The thing that truly puzzled me is I never had a real desire to do much with necromancy especially when it comes to death magic and curses. Yet here he was or at least a being that is possibly sent by him.

Any ideas?