Need some good books on practical necromancy

Please suggest me some good books on practical necromancy which is based on LHP philosophy. I have some books on that uses biblical conjuration.:blush:


I would talk to: Nergal, Ereshkigal, Hekate, Kherty, and Bune. Or even Azrael. Why learn from a book when you can learn it from a master?

However there is necromantic scorcery. Some say it sucks ass some say it’s the best thing on earth.
Then there’s speak with the dead by konstantinos.


The Book necromantic sorcery gives Azrael’s concentrated death identity as akasha Subturfuge, the black serpent. Following the instructions in the book on how to contact and learn from him seems to be a sure way of getting through the door.


Lol, it’s sold out and fuckin rare. Btw good point. I will learn from the gods perhaps​:blush::wink:

I think books may overcomplicate shit. I’ve not done it yet but my plan is to just treat it like evocation, get them in the triangle and get the telepathic communication going.

That’s essentially what the “Old gods” section in the book is, a list of sigils and a basic evocation method. I found it kinda refreshing; although, much of the ritual relic concepts seem to resemble a folk magic scavenger hunt. Lol I have a full electronic copy (pdf) of the book and I kinda ignored the vodoun and voodoo sections. And kept around the god form topics.

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Graveyard wanderers?

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