Need some assistance. Kinda drunk and friend needs help


Im at a bar and my friend engagement ring fell off somewhere. Wanted to know if anyone could douse it.
Im very inebriated and I want to help her.

Her initials are E.Y
The ring is just a silver band with a nice sized diamond on it.
Its an heirloom from her fiancé.
If anyone can pick up if maybe its still lost or maybe stole it?

One moment

Check the floors

We are. There’s pool tables a huge bar. Bathroom…back garage use for smoking.
Lots of deunk middle aged people.

I used my phone as a link to you guys and dowsed over it. It said yes to floors. Lemme know if I’m wrong



Just still looking, is it by water? People?

Fiancé intisl is dd


I appreciate it though. Bartenders said they will sweep good to try and find it.

Well that sucks. I guess the ring is gone.

Yea it was never found…but they are taking it with stride. I was just hoping to help more. I’m not a good dowser though haha.

@Black_Coyote I’ve been busy but I forgot to mention they got the ring back!

She told me she saw a random glow of pink light before she lost her ring (just also is a magickal dabbler) so after that night I pulled on that the pink in the area she saw it…

After two weeks went a lady “remembered” she found the ring and turned it in.
It was on the floor in the area I suspected.

Thank you for your help as well :slight_smile:


So I was right…

Thanks. And np

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