Need some advice

any thoughts on how to handle a child waking you up telling you she is scared cause there is something you cant see in the bathroom where you do your rituals? i know when im being visited but its weird she sleep walks at times and screams in her sleep its so bad that there are times id hold her and cry cause i cant wake her up its a very familiar feeling cause i was her at one point scared shitless of just the tiniest noises feelings sights anything that seemed unnaturual or scary
i use to hear them physically talking to me feel hands on me the feeling of bein watched
the sleep paralisist
i hate seeing her go through this idk how to help her cope she’s 3 id really like to know your comments on this im going to councel with furfur to see who is in my bathroom…


Teach her the simple banishing method EA taught to his own young daughter:

It’s fairly simple and children excel at playing “pretend.”


thank you i also have an answer furfur is i my bathroom why idk guess he came to check on me said he didnt mean to scare her and it happens alot i know she is going to be like me which in turn gives lesser demons room to mess with her more i dont believe the things she is going through is his doing but teaching this will help her? im willing to teach her what she needs to get through this


What sort of energy do you work with in your rituals? Some perspectives, as evidenced by emotions, are generally best avoided. Your perspective literally, instantly shifts you to a different universe although it often appears to be the same one in form.

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Yes, teaching her the banishing will show her that she is strong enough to send scary things packing and that will help her a lot in life.


i work with demonic energies but she has been screaming in her sleep before i even started working with these energies same with the walking in her sleep she didnt say anything about seeing them til i asked lord marchosias and master furfur to protect my family furfur does visit offten and i know he means no harm she is just afraid of how he looks i get that im not sure if any others are harming her she said he grabbed me and pointed to her foot furfur said he didnt mean to scare her he merely came to check and observe i dont feel his pressence he makes him self known tho if im doing something he dont like how ever i do feel something else present and its weird ive never felt before its small but noticeable only thing is i have no clue if its really in the same room or not

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Well, your inclination towards such working–that preceded your actual working–would in itself be enough to affect the vibration in your Universe. However, the child could be responding to something else unique to her.
Have you considered working with so-called “light” energies, i.e. angels and the like? Might be worth trying it to see what happens.

There are other “practical” things you could try, like taking a holiday if it is feasible or moving to another apartment when possible. I’m assuming you have a daily meditative practice going apart from ritual work; if not, it might be worth considering. I also think practicing positive imagination–not too change anything external but for its own sake–and appreciation might be helpful. A calm to slightly positive emotional mindset is generally important because you live in your vibration.

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im not…very good with the light energies persay and well im not home…we are at the hospital since my youngest is getting chemo treatment and thier is diffrent energies i pick up on every now and again but nothing too bad up til just now its gone now it may be something unique to her yeah i never see marks on her and she is intreasted in my rituals for some reason even tho i never let her stay in long just enough for me to set up and ask a bunch of questions then go play

My son (who is 9) had a small toddler size shadow person come in his room. It’s seemed to be more curious than anything but when he came in and told me what he had just saw I immediately got up and cleansed and banished the whole upstairs area. Then I set up an altar of Thor in the room, summoned him to be on guard in his room specifically. Haven’t had an issue since (even after the altar was taken down). But I’d have to agree teaching the kids how to banish and shield would be ideal.


i see im stressed but its not as bad as wen she was diagnosed even so why would it bother my 3 year old

Hmmm…I think your general vibe, i.e. mindset, is a bit off given your personal situation. Things like cancer can alter our mindset for the worse quite easily. Further, sticking around in a hospital isn’t the most pleasant experience: all that presence of illness although offset by staff/doctors can get to you. However, I know of cases where a shift in consciousness either by the affected person or someone else on their behalf can produce a seemingly miraculous result. I’ve had a person diagnosed with terminal illness and given a few months to live receive a complete reversal in her favour–2nd opinion, “wrong” diagnosis–a few months later.

Anyway, the important thing is to accept the situation and work with it in as positive a manner as you possibly can.

You live in your consciousness and everything in it must reflect that state of mind you’re in. Whether it’s your 3 year old, the child who’s ill or anyone/thing else.

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im def going to it will help her in the long run idk wat path she will take wen she is older but id like to help her be prepared for anything

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i see i’ll remember this advice you gave me than you

I hope things get better for you relatively soon. I know that they can.

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i do to i dont want her to go through what i did

Teach her a simple banishing. Give her salt bath every week. cleanse the place U live in. But most importantly U have to convince her that there is nothing scary out there. If she everyday thinks that there is some nasty entity there. SHe has already creating/created it.

If U know some kind of energy work U have to get rid of those fear creating energies from her by yourself as a child may not do it by herself.


Like others say, you must teach her to banish.

I’m going to recommend setting up a Ward around your dwelling which only let’s Spirits you work with or that are friendly in.

A sachet of Salt and Herbs that can be carried on her person charged with love and the intention of protection will help too.


tank you all im going to teach her today some things so she can learn