Need protection in the battlefield

hello! im joining the army as a volunteer in 1 o 2 weeks,after the training im going to be deployed in the Vraem(all volunteers go there)to fight the narco terrorism(a war that has been raging for 37 years) the Vraem is a pretty nasty place and i would like to come back alive,so any form of help would be greatly appreciated
thanks for reading :smile:


Try calling on Nergal, Morrigan, sekhmet


Here is a talisman you can make:

Take this image. It is Tyr’s symbol/rune, repeated. Cut out the center and place a photo of yourself under it, so it shows through the center you cut out.


Now take this image, Algiz rune, and place it over the back of the photo, rune facing out, sealing your image between.


Charge it while visualizing health, long life and happiness, especially in old age, whatever that means to you personally. In other words, see yourself in life far past the point of your service. Charge it regularly. This will work for guarding you physically, not so well spiritually.

Hope this helps.


There is a specific Demon that i’ve discovered in my travels into Nadharkis that used to be, and still owns the skills, of a war chief.
She can help strengthen you in battle and protect you by making you more resistant and give you extra energy so that you may not experience exhaustion and fear during war.

Her name is Ashoriah Lethiorria

Her Enn: Er Eshera Riatzo Retey Ashoriah Lethiorria

She has dominion over 897 tribes of battle masters and rules over 78 legions of demons.

Try invoking Her into you and make a pact of empowerment and let her give you the skills of a war hero.
You may try and give a drop of blood to her sigil like i did:

Hope this helps bro. :wink: Be safe!

Edit: try using a red candle if you can come across one when invoking her… If not then don’t worry about it.:wink: