Need opinion

Hey I’m going to start working from the spider and the green butterfly now and I was wondering if I should have the altar in my room it says not to but I have nowhere else

I suggest you don’t, as that book is inacurate.

I suggest you don’t, as that book is inacurate.[/quote]

Can you expand upon that brother?

The Voodoo community has not had favorable reviews of that book, especially by those properly initiated into the religion.

I suggest you don’t, as that book is inacurate.[/quote]

Can you expand upon that brother?[/quote]

Koetting is NOT initiated nor is the book accurate in almost any way. The lwa as are all spirits of the African diaspora (that I know of) do not like those who are uninitiated calling on them, some are pretty fiery and you’d be in a lot of trouble.

These are not angels, goetics, egregors wtc, their powerful spirits with the power of the gods. They have strict rules, you don’t call them up and command them. There are stories here in Balg were they have been respectfully called by the uninitiated, no one was harmed, but afterwards they knew what they did was stupid and dangerous. They agree they’d never do it again. Another thing is, they tried invoking the lwa properly, the book you’re refuting too is nonsense, they may get pissed and hurt you.

I know of no books that teach voodoo.

If you want, pm me and I’ll put you in touch with a respectable houngan.

Meh, that doesn’t really accurately describe my experience, but I’m not going to argue the point - WillClark, this is a thread where some non-initiates talked about their experiences, and got useful input from iniated members - I’ll link it then you can see for yourself what people were saying: “Voodun asking them to leave??”