Need instructions on creating a HUD Servitor

I have an idea to create a HUD Servitor.
show my energy levels:
when I was in danger:
In addition, there are capabilities such as radar, foresight …
but I do not know how to do.
Is this possible?
And how do I do it?
Can you guide me?
Thank you for reading.

I don’t get what HUD means?

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H heads
U up
D display

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Thank you :grin:

A HUD, like in the game Halo?

That would be interesting. Someone else on the forum had a similar idea to enchant a pair of steampunk style glasses with something similar to be able to see past the illusions of reality. To see the other realms more clearly.

Is something like this possible?

In theory; to make it happen requires tremendous will to counter the consensus of the group mind. It is like overcoming inertia.

Now that I consider it, such a thing might actually be easier 1 with an entity to assist/advise and 2 if done in small steps of a length of time. Like many small, consecutive pushes to get a heavy object rolling without allowing it to settle back.


thank you