Need input about tingles

So, I said fuck it I’m doing telekinesis right here right now and plopped in a chair. Emptied my head while deep breathing to a 2 count and focused on a plastic bag. After 2-3 minutes the room tripled in brightness and a fog kicked in…nothing yet. I politely said “move” and of course nothing. 10 minutes in “move mf” with authority and it just sat there and I started getting a lil pissed. But, something else moved instead. In Bleach, when the captains release their soul pressure, the screen goes haywire with vibrating vertical lines of energy and that’s wtf I saw and felt.

Now, highly pissed in my head I screamed" I said FUCKING MOVE!!!". And this is when the crazy started. The visual got deeper and around my sacral/solar plexus area I physically felt a humming pressure explode throughout my body causing intense electrical warmth. Massive internal vibrations radiating from my core intensely into my chest, arms and face. I didn’t feel anything up my spine and ruled out a panic attack I’m highly familiar with them… I didn’t move the bag. But wtf just happened I’ve never experienced that before and the vibrations lasted about 15 minutes😅

You lucky bastard, I hate you! Please keep notes and us informed.


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I’m still trying to wrap my head around what the hell happened I have no clue​:sweat_smile::thinking: