Need Information about Solomon Planetary Seals/Pentacles

Hey guys, anyone here knows how to activate the Solomon Seals/pentacles, well more specifically the Second Pentacle of Mercury? You see I bought this pendant from a fellow Frater on Etsy:
I bought this pentacle after the impression, that this Pentacle can grant any of my wishes and after the consecration of the seal, I made my wishes, but they didn’t come true, or maybe they did, and I didn’t notice, or maybe I didn’t understand how to use the pentacle, or simply didn’t know it’s limits. He did send me with rituals written/printed on admittingly awesome parchment. Though he didn’t get back on me on the important questions, that’s understandable, because he is in Poland. So yeah, once again I approach you experts with these questions:

  1. Are there alternate methods of empowering or consecrating this pendant?
  2. Does this Seal have any limits I should know of? (Yeah I know it grants anything, but hey maybe there’s something I missed)
  3. Is there a better way of Evoking Boel, the name of the angel on the seal?
  4. How do I use it, after I empower/consecrated the seal?

Well, those are it, I hope to read what you ladies and gents have for me, See ya.


Why don’t you go to morino Ravenberg’s website @
He has plenty of stuff on Demons. He also has a few videos which he describe his use of pentacles during invocations and how it will help beginners. I am also planning to draw them out to aid in my invocations.