Need immediate answer

Is there a way to stop dra’talon if someone sent him after u?

From what I understand from the little bit I have worked with him no. What makes you think he is after you? And do you know why someone would want to kill you?

Well, what has happened to me fes runes what he would do. I asked and he told me no. But still I have a nagging feeling… , I have enemies who want me dead. Can u help?

Fes runes is feels likes

these enemies that want you dead…do you know if they know how to summon demons? If not, how can you be sure these enemies sent Dra’talon to you?

Has Dra’talon come to you (in any way or form) and told you he was sent to kill you? If not then again, (because I’m lost) how do you know he was sent to kill you.

Edited to add: I saw where you said you asked and he said no. So ok, he wasn’t sent to kill you according to him. I don’t understand the issue.

I just really need help against these enemies. Can u help?

How can anyone help if we don’t know the full story?

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Yes. Call upon Azazel to intervene. Dra’talon is one of his Nethers, after all.

Will that actually work? I was always under the understanding that he won’t stop. That’s why he shouldn’t be used half heartedly.

Angel, pm me so we can talk. Can u help?

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Well, since Dra’talon is part of Azazel’s legions, he is the boss according to the hierarchy so, yes, it should. However, whether Azazel would actually be willing to intervene or not is a completely different kettle of fish.


That’s makes since. I have only been forced to use him twice. Both times under Azazel’s guidance.

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I truly don’t know if I can. The last person I tried to help. I was attacked myself. I had to ask for help for myself. So I can’t really commit to anything without the facts.

Ok, can u pm me? I don’t want my business out there.

Darkestknight, I see u do readings. Can I get a reading on this?

Also ask if one of his apprentices or legion members was sent. Entities can answer questions very literally sometimes. Azazel is a good bet, as mentioned.
If it’s a human apprentice using his techniques that’s between you and the human.