Need him gone

first you need to to open the sigil and meditate on it,koetting explains it greatly

now you did open his sigil
offer him smothing for exchange like incense or something sweet or even a drink like wine etc…
state state your request tell him that you need help with tell him what you want to happen when you finish simply forget the ritual,and thank belial


Thank u I appreciate u…

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Well, you could just pay the man his money. I bet that would get him to go away. A very direct form of money magick, if you will.


I would but unfortunately my house still on the market for sale… do u guys know anything to help me sale the house quicker?

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Freeze spell might help.

I am not so sure of how much into magick or meditation you are at the moment. but belial helped me in a similar situation where I owed $30,000 to a friend who ended up getting very pissed off with me. I requested Belial to make his life so incredibly busy that he wouldnt even have time to think about me. It worked like a charm and he disappeared for a year. By that time I was able to give him 23k of the 30k and everything was fine. Now I have been able to take care of him fully. that is one option.

Another option would be to call upoj the power of the earth gnomes, request them to find you a buyer of the property asap.

Best thing you can do is both of the above for 2 time advantages


I just remembered another member was asking about this a while back. Someone suggested burying a statue of St. Joseph, upside down in the front yard.

Yes I saw that to

Havent ever tried that

This works actually

Thank you everyone for all your help…

Have u tried it?

The st Joseph statue placed upside down yes i did and my house thst was on the market for 14 monthes sold within 3 weeks with a cash offer

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Sweet thanks

They sell kits on ebay its odd but i got mine cheaply i got holy water and bathed him kinda blessing and opening the dialogue…

Hi serpents I can’t seems to find upoj… please help

I am going to say he meant call UPoN the powervof the earth gnomes. @serpens_album am I reading your vibe?

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Hi Damia thank u
I actually found St.Joseph kit @ some Catholic Store… Did everything they say n I feel good vibes about it… Thanks

You may want to put away your tools ie the work on this house is completed: LETS MOVE ON TO THE NEXT STABLE