Need Help

I need help on a certain issue. But due to very important other works.
I can’t do anything… Any ritual etc

Can anyone here help me…

Anyone … if interested Pm me…


First, I would recommend using divination to be prepared for the results and whether you’re okay with what will happen.

I have done divination. And the results were positive

Which form of divination, if you don’t mind my asking.

Tarot cards. 4 card spread

Alright, then I will give you a blessing as I am not adept enough at magic to help you out.

You found time to write this I’m sure you have time to try different rituals. What is the nature of this thing you want to achieve?
My goto awnser for quick results are sigil magic, look Into what E.A have written about the theta gamma sync, and charging sigils. And Google chaos sigil magick.