Need help!

Greetings fellow witches and warlocks. I need some help with a strong incantation that can help me get answers. I met someone who kept haunting my mind and I feel so connected to him even though I know nothing about him and only saw him once. Kept checking the cards and each time I or someone else would make a draw concerning this person, the same thing shows up which is the fact that he is my true twin flame. I tried a connecting spell and it didn’t work, I tried dowsing and I got nothing for name even the answers weren’t clear. I have a strong affinity for incantations and I feel deep down that there is a missing link between us, someone or something links is both and I want to understand and know or what or who this links is. Much appreciation and please no dealing with angels.

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Is it possible you could evoke Duke Sallos for assistance in enabling a meeting between you two? I know it’s not an incantation but it seems like a start.


Is it possible to connect with him through his enn

Yes. That is the purpose of enns, to connect to the energy of the demon. They come from the practice of demonolatry.


There’s an evocation.