Need help

So yesterday my mom decided to check my browsing history and saw this forum help now she wants to know what it is I can’t tell her I see why I saw 444 earlier

Either advice or a reading

lol!! You’re the guy doing the paper I sent this link to right? From the student forum?

I DID warn you there’s some weird stuff on here (I posted a lot of it).

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What link

To this forum, we were talking about modern culture, i said come check out a modern spiritual forum that has a range of beliefs and practices.

If you did I don’t remember

Tell her youre gay and seeking God to turn your life around.


Just say you like to go to random forums and troll people


She will totally forget about the forum. Diversion diversion diversion.

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Trust me. When my adult son told me an adult actor was fucking hot, I was like, “wait…what…?” and then we shared hot guy pics. Because Im an awesome mom.

Even better.

I tried this shit but it didn’t fly: Biggest bro save of all time - Imgur :laughing:

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You can use private mode for your browser in the future but if I was you I would make a favor of my mother and will leave this forum for now. I am talking seriously. It is better for you to write in some math forum like this:

There are plenty of magicians but if you are become good in math this will boost your life really.
I tell you this because I want only good for you - I’m not kidding and I do not want to offend you.

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The demon kept saying remember what satagraal said the only way for them to find out is your own voice your own saying