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@dron Call out to the Archdemons for protection, repent, beg for salvation, offer them your blood, and your loyalty for all eternity??? It’s somewhat of a shot in the dark, but it’s worth trying. Their are demons who are really good at the whole exorcism thing. From the info you are giving it seems like you are still trying to straddle between the light and the darkness. LBRP, Michael, exorcisms, cleansings etc. (None of those except for the the first two are necessarily of the light, but I find the fact that you haven’t mentioned anything truly black so far to suggest something. It just doesn’t seem like you’ve tried anything truly demonic). My advice is to turn entirely to the darkness. Call out for the Dark Gods to embrace and protect you. Perhaps they will answer. They have been known to with others in need. Light a candle, write out your petition in blood, burn it as you pledge yourself to their eternal glory. That’s the best advice I can offer you.

Where did you get that from? It’s not that I disagree necessarily, but why do you think you can’t handle them?

Have you tried talking to the entity? There’s a shadow person here stronger then me and a lot of magicians I know.

dude just wants to be left alone. But one night he was one me and I’m just there “what are you doing” get the fuck off of me he did and we had a bit of a chat, he hasn’t bothered me since unless I call him back to talk

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Okay. I will go and talk to the shadow people then. That seems like the best idea at the moment. I am nowhere near experienced enough to give proper advice, but I am pretty sure some of them would know what to do. I know that wasn’t the point of your post, but the idea nevertheless resonates with me.

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Careful with them the one here was in the judeo Christian hell. And caused my friends stomach to bleed.

@dron don’t know how well it’ll help you but this was my experience with a parasite recently I had friends bind him to a rock and they gave him to me Trapped spirit

@RiseorDie I think I have enough of an understanding of the shadow people to navigate safely. Hopefully that is. I’ve just started working with them, and they have a lot of very interesting insights. The most powerful are meant to be the equal of any Archdemon.

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@dron Could you send me a photo of yourself via PM??? No promises, but I think I may have an idea (all credit goes to the shadow people).

Hi can anyone tell me how to start hearing spirits is there a good meditation or music to help open my hearing to them

@Novicebrett Not the right thread for that question. Ask it on another thread please.

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Novicebrett you kick ass.You really gave me a big smile (lol)
Guys thanks for your suport,but things are not so easy.,
Thanks a lot but i prefer not to go this route.If this is a lesson because i took magic lightly,then i’m paying the price big time…Predatory entities and parasites are part pf the creation like demons and angels and they have no problem to catch you if you step out of the safety fench…

I’m not fan of systems and grimoires but now i’m starting to change my views…
Sorry but i don’t feel comfortable to give a photo of mine.I hope you understand and i really really thank you for your concern…



how can i do that?

This forum update is frustrating,I miss the old days…

I quotes a post from anastasiya and it shows only my reply

I am going to throw out a bit of unsolicited advice: it has been suggested you call upon the demonic, but you say you cannot. Well, the truth is, if you think you cannot than you cannot, and you probably should not try until you think you can. That’s a bit of an over-simplification, but I still feel it is sound general advice. Do you know anyone who can work with the above forces that could act as proxy to you in this? Sometimes you have to outsource…

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From the looks of it, Dron will not be able to handle this himself as it is something that is beyond him. From what it sounds like he is going to need to go to a very experienced Master (no recommendations here). There are alot of con-artists in the field, but I wish him luck as he must reach out beyond himself. Yes I’m sure self-empowerement methods can be done, but stuff like that takes years of going through shit to reach a certain level of freedom.

My ability to mess things up is amazing.I do a lot of mistakes and then i learn the hard way,I know some people who can help but they allready offer me their assistance in the past.
I can’t bug the same people again and again…

I have to work my skills and find a proper system to work,but first i’ve got to solve this one.And i doubt if i can do it alone…

Please how did you invoke Michael?

What need to do then not to feed it?

I guess I will reply even though it’s been a long time since this has been made. Lol.

:thinking: I remember times when I had these types of things on me mostly from the job I had. I worked at a fast food restaurant that literally cared only for the money, so in a joking and non joking since there could be a dead body there and no one would notice it. So there was plenty of nasty nasty as well as random spirits that would come and go in that area. The thing also was that I lived next store so a good amount of this stuff would follow me home. Had portals and gods who knows what els open up near or in my home. So I was always seemly having to do something to just keep safe and as clean as possible which honestly was hard. So when I had roommates move in, that just amplify the mess and turned it into what I call tar energy. Picture tar there you go. It literally would suck all life from any thing it touched. I did house cleansing and even a good “smoke out” to banish everything. It was effective for ehhh two days? Even my cat refused to leave me room. Lol. But after those days it came back. I wound up going out for some aid for this stuff and do a spell to basically kick out my roommate.

So I can completely understand what your going through. I see there is plenty of reply’s with good info better then what I could possibly give, given that I never had to do an exorcism before (maybe I have just don’t know it). I had a entity that tried to possess me years ago. I fought tooth and nail to purge him from me and of course after a while he just left but man that was something I personally (unless wanting to for some reason) would think of doing ever. But I do hope your situation is better then what it was for you. :3

What is LBRP?do you know what kind of being attacking you?can you teach how to exorcism?