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What kind of kanisis can I use to make plants around me grow?


Visualise loving light green energy coming from above, into your hands, then push it into the plants.

I don’t know if it has a name, but it’s what I use if a houseplant gets a bit sickly.


I wouldn’t label it as a kenisis but I use blood magic personally. Adding a drop of blood to the soil or the water used on the plant with the intention of giving some life so another may flourish.


Ok thank you that gives good insight

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Are there any powers I can gain to bring my writing to actually life lol

Someone suggested doing a Baphomet mass should help plants grow

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I know who baphomet is but how do you do that?

The Baphomet Mass is extremely simple but extremely powerful: Sitting in Baphomet mudra and some 5 minuts say mantra Iao visualising being Baphomet in front of Baphomet statue or picture with a cup of wine between you. After 5 minuts scream Lashtal and insert the Baphomet energy in the wine. Is Eucharistic so the ritual ends with drinking the wine.

Hail Baphomet!

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