Need help with someonr

I.have an aunt who went through bad marriage and she went into some sort of wierd state where she can see people in her mind talking to.her then she see them again in normal live but as normal.people someone said to me that it could be her third eye having powerfully opens how to fix this issue

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Why would you want to fix it?
Just curious :thinking:

She is too weak and can’t deal with such stuff she she acts like a frightend child and laugh like a child

Well I feel bad for her, but you should first talk to her about it. Forcefully breaking their vows with magick might not end well if she doesn’t feel like leaving him. I have seen many cases where women or men have toxic relationships and they are just too in love with their partner to let them go.
So I suggest you make a conversation with her, ask her if she wants out and then get to work. With her will involved your magick would be stronger.

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