Need help with sinister shamanism

Deos anyone have any experience using alcohol in shamanism?


I’ve used alcohol in shamanistic practices before. Personally I don’t recommend it because rather than allow you to be more perceptive to energy it seems to dull you as to what’s actually going on. Although, I will say, it does make it easy to get possessed, although the problem is that you don’t have a lot of control over the possession since your faculties aren’t all there. Personally, I prefer psychedelics and marijuana as shamanistic tools.


Yeah I prefer weed too but I dont have any rn

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I’ve also used LSA (chemical cousin to LSD) and Dextromethorphan to great effect as well.

Alcohol and shamanism are dangerous as shit in combination. But if you think you have reason to insist on playing with your life, DM me.


If that ain’t the truth. Seen it fuck someone up real quick from the inside out.

What is “sinister” shamanism?

Im new to it but you can read about if in Edgar kervals boomherbarium diabolicum