Need help with signs from naamah

I’m new to this forum, I recently got a spell done with naamah to bring back ex lover, I have tried to contact naamah to show me a sign on how the spell work is going and when I should see result but I havnt been successful. However since the spell was done I have been feeling better. Any tips anyone has on how to get signs?

The good feeling is a sign in itself (a good one). Signs for spirits can be very subtle at times. I would take it as it is and keep your mind off the working to keep you from lusting for results

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Do u think a reading would show any signs? Or I should just let it manifest… the person who done the spell asked for a sign and saw two ravens and a lizard is the forest … he told me to draw her sigil and call for her while looking at it than ask her to show sign in the dream, put it under the pillow and sleep… my sleep was kind of disturbed and one particular date kept appearing in my mind and my body was really hot , later I couldn’t sleep for 4 hours


A reading could help, but it sounds like there have been enough signs to me. However, if a reading helps put your mind at ease and you can do one, go for it. I would have another go with the sigil under the pillow as well

@Dralukmun the person who done the spell also done the reading and got these , it’s a three card reading I was thinking going to a psychic who dosnt know of the situation? But I don’t know who to trust

past: king of wands 23

in love symbolizes a strong or dominant man as king, a solid relationship

present: world 21

the card shows the world turning, changes, a moment of reflection. in love represents changes that will bring what you want

future: 7 the chariot

in love it reflects on the impact that the relationship of the person will have on you and how it will affect you in the long run, means future victory, the rider goes imposing with his horses and there is also a white and black horse, shows that you will succeed in whatever situation you choose whether left or right, whether alone or with him (this I interpret for your situation)

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Sounds like you got your answer, now relax lol. You are lusting for results hardcore. That will disrupt the working, so focus on something else.

And readers are used to not knowing the entire situation. I had to deal with it all the time back when I was one lol

@Dralukmun lol well that’s good to know , I guess I needed some sort of confirmation but I will try the sigil one more time and than let go and let the magic happen …
Do u also perform magic?

Any tips on what to do while magic is working or how to get results quicker? Lol

I do practice magic myself. As far as how to get results faster, usually the best way to do it is to construct a time frame within the spell. However, that would not apply here so I would recommend burning a candle for Naamah in the time in between to give her more energy for the working (as well as show you apperication). That may you are adding power as opposed to taking it as you would worrying. As far as outside of ritual, focus on whatever you need to to function normally. I usually use household chores to keep my mind off things (something my wife loves as I help to keep the house clean).

@Dralukmun well when the spell was performed my anxiety depression everything went away I was positive , only few days ago here and there I been getting flashbacks from old memories and it’s giving me anxiety . Hence why I wanted to know what’s going through his mind… I tried psychics before but they are hardly honest and just want money and give false hopes… the guy recommended black or red candle?

Do u also do readings? Lol

There is a time frame given

I do, although I do not charge anymore. Red and black candles would do well. And memories can cause anxiety if you hold onto them. Best to allow them to come and go. Since there is a time frame, just keep the deadline in the very, very back of your mind. Otherwise you will spend your days waiting for the results to come, driving yourself crazy

Good advice , what sort of readings do u do? I just wnat to know what’s going through his mind… or is there anyone u recommend?