Need help with results

I can open sigils like it’s nothing now. Especially at night. It takes me a couple of minutes tops. The problem is that I can’t seem to get results. I am very specific in what I want to accomplish, and really get into it. Not doing evocations yet. Still trying to find a decent place. And no I don’t sit on my butt waiting for things to happen.

I do tarot readings from time to time to check progress and things always look good. But still no results. I know about the 3 days, weeks, months, but at this rate, waiting 3 months just to find out that it didn’t work or that I didn’t really make contact will get me nowhere.

Any advice?

Are you getting any sensations of a presence when you open a sigil? Do you do any kind of immersion with the spirit before opening the sigil?

I’ve noticed that I can open a sigil and get it to flash and move on the paper but not always feel a presence. My most dramatic or quick results came for when it felt like the spirit was in the room with me.

I get sensations (sometimes a “creepy” feeling) and I do practice immersion before. I always give things a lot of thought before doing them.

What kind of goals are you working for? If big goals or long term goals its best to open the sigil every few days and charge it with intent. Sigil magick is strong but not as strong as evocation and can take longer.

Oh ok, that could be it. I thought you were supposed to open the sigil once, then put it away and forget it. Thanks.

Quick comment just expanding on what -TWF- referenced above, but I’find a contact with Entity as I’m ‘deciding’ what rite to do/how (I’ve found more&more decision isn’t right, as implies some separate choice, vs part of the flow/link of chains)

- thus ,the <shift> in the place (both the sigil _opening_ but also the whole room-enviro changing/heavier), 
getting Contact through that sigil (like Yeah I'm here.. and a sense of that Influence riippling out from the place of sigil to affect else in my life, the causility-str, vs solely being only linked to the "place of working")

(both mentioned in above)
but then thirdly, also a quick confirmation of purpose with the Entity, they sense things/affect things, fdbk warmer-cooler, adjust to another course… at least that’s how I feel it, although it happens in a flicker of a few seconds…

sort of sped-up without word/verbalized-nor symbolized, just like feeling a long line of wires: any of these electrically charged? not this one, not that one, zip- ah that one… a sense of sensing down a checklist- this that…

or like slowly easing into lifting up something heavy, you feel all the parts of your skeleton and supporting fluid-compression/elastic-stretches of soft tissue. engaging as the pressure- like as you grow to lifting it certain parts are highlighted in attn, and you adjust, and then other parts… or you sense, umm not like that, and you might put it back down, and adjust your feet or your grip, or shift your shoulders/back… etc.
that growing into=connection to the greater pattern integrating ~ripples spreading out, and perhaps backin=adjusting… choosing different paths. (I’ve found that once a solid path is shifted, it isn’t “needing repeat” its just that all the little shifts may require many later ReConnects… per ripple/adjustments once seen affects, etc. (engaging a BiggerCon, an Integrated Perspective &/or Entity can flow with this)

The first thought that came to mind was actually a year ago and some time before that, I’d been in this state myself where I’d contact-ritualize and ‘try different things’ directly… and not see results, and Divinate or just tap in to my Intuitional Knowing, or Question other Entities, and ask why hasn’t something Happened?
and I’d get the response, “Everything is fine, its going to change.” and it wouldn’t… .and I’d ask-inquire again, or investigate what is blocking things, and I’d get “Its just about to” or “No blockage or problem has ever been there.” and Frustrating as the clear sense was my “Mind” and the Entities involved were not understanding the issue? (ie would explain if I was asking XYZ to change to 123 and they think XYZ=123… hey everything is fine… but- like not getting it)…

Anyway- not sure if any of that last part made sense, but that went on, and then I realize it wasn’t like that (not sure what really shifted) but I’d been Opening up contact with some of the main Named Entities in EA’s work, and not so much seeking their action as seeking my Knowledge Awakening (not even they teach me, but rather just “open-my-eyes” so to speak), so I’d call them up, even SEE the sigils as I went for a walk, feel the Presence(s) as a Vortex, and let my system Integrate that Other in Relation to the ‘normal’

-I wish I could click more what the issue was there, as even the way I wrote they above is implying interpretations on my part, so one could interpret certain things that may have little to do with it, but the -energy-concept- in the first question of this thread seemed to Resonate to me with that Stuckness that didn’t feel like Stuck but rather the Question-req for change was “coming from” a place that didn’t really see a change.

This kind of low-end sigil work seems to work best for people who’ve spent time mastering the basics of chaos-style sigil magick.

Best case scenario w/ sigil magick using spirits – You have a fluid, reliable two-way communication channel and can easily speak w/ spirits and get good results just by opening name or sigil. You channel in advance and have good communication with the spirit. Ideally, you use the sigil as a link and then evoke the spirit into the sigil itself, at which point it actually becomes quite alive. Most of the Goetic seals seem to be designed for this purpose, actually, to contain the energy system of the spirit itself, not just to act as a link. Consider this your “Minimum Operating System Requirements” label. You can hack it with less, but you really need an upgrade.

The better your communication skills, the better off you’ll be. Nothing beats real-time feedback and suggestions. It’s important to keep a results-based orientation AND use a method that develops your core skills instead of keeping you treading water.

Thanks for the feedback. I guess I thought I would be better off opening the sigils because the newsletter gives the reader the impression that it’s a very simple process that anyone can do.

I think this might have been the newsletter that lead me to this group.