Need help with possession

Hi, I’ve done a partial possession with Lucifer and Belial. And have done divination and meditated on it. and I know I was successful but I struggle with letting them speak threw me or move my body without struggling. They have tried and the words will start to come out but will catch and stop as if I’m stopping them from using my vessel. I need advice on how to let them use my vessel and do things threw my body any help or insight will be gladly appreciated!

Try gabbling, just saying any crap, which may not sound like real words but would be like speaking in tongues, which is said to occur as part of the possession process.

Keep at it and push through until they are talking through you. You might want to record it just in case you don’t remember the possession after that.

I’m gonna caveat, I’m guessing. I do automatic writing instead and clairsentience, I’ve never tried being that possessed the entity talks through me, and the one time I was that deeply possessed it didn’t speak aloud.

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Thanks for the advice I’m going to try that out, It’s odd most of the information I’ve gathered when it comes to possession and the issue I’m experiencing seems to be caused out of fear or some type of blockage. I am having a lot of positive things that were from the possession ritual, so I honestly don’t know why it so difficult for me to let them talk and act threw me. I have no negative thoughts of said possession I’ve been invoking Lucifer and Belial every day and evoking almost as much. And my connection to both Entities is fairly strong.

It takes a lot of proper work and preparation to house them goodly in your hosting body. This isn’t a quickie behind the gas station.

You are blending so much stuff together. Working together at once. Yet. Remaining separate.

Hopefully you will come back someday to give updates.