Need help with my hipersensibility

Hello everybody.
I dont know when nor what gave my this hipersensibility, i became autistic because of what i think is a moment of high sensibility that opens a bridge to the unconscious so some complex arises in some moments and i start getting paranoid or very very anxious at the point that i start to bubble, also when i read lovecraft stories or that kind of cosmic horror i start to exaltate them and get anxious like a feeling of seeing a big absurd in the fact that things like this are real and no people are aware of, very weird feeling… Always in my chest or anahata chakra
I dont know if it was the orgasmic trance that i had when i was sixteen or the psycotic attack i had whit psychodelics when i was 15… Its very anoying to me… The positive fact is that i can move my energy like a jedi
Any meditation with chakras or anything, a demon or deity that can help me? Thanks in advance

Also i cant smoke weed because i start to feel that i have no flesh, im pure energy pure sensibility and i get paranoid

IMO stay away from demonic energy for now and focus heavily on learning spiritual healing methods and shielding, grounding, and then find yourself a mentor, ideally a classical deity (again, not a demon).

I love some of the demonic spirits but demons doesn’t always equate to best for everything, nor most powerful in every situation.

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Much thanks Eva. What kind of spiritual healing methods speccialy? Chamanic? Spiritual healing with chakras?
I always thinked of Satan but i will try another, maybe a hindu deity or the gnostic/cathar Lucifer, u think is that good?

Something that draws on cosmic or universal energy, like reiki, and doesn’t require spirits or intermediaries at all, so you can strengthen yourself before dealing with spirits. Definitely no Lucifers, satans, demonic monsters, etc., in my opinion, at this stage.

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Many thanks again Eva. Can i send you a private mesagge? If i dont bother

Sure, but I am really busy right now. :smiley:

No problem, there’s no hurry at all. Ive just realize that i can’t send messages yet, i will have to wait. I’ll be more active this days and i will send you one then

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