Need help with making astral temple

Hey guys I need some help with finding a entity who is able to help me make my astral temple.

I’ve been doing magick since March, and I feel like I have overlooked some basic things, since I am unable to teleport myself to the astral. I have evoked many beings to help me with going to the astral: most notably: King Paralda, Mepsithal, Phul, Lucifer, Raziel and Gabriel. I need some help with making my astral temple because I believe that might make it easier to contact entity’s. I am also thinking of buying some more objects to help with my evocations, but it is hard having strict parents that don’t believe in magick. I have been to the astral but I have only done this once and 3 other times I over shot myself resulting in me falling back into my body.

What objects do you think I should buy? Also is there any spirit,demon or angel who can help me build my astral temple?


You don’t have to project to build an astral temple. Your imagination is the bridge to the astral, so you build your temple in your imagination through your senses.

The temple is yours, so imagine it however you like. It’s not something a spirit can really help you with.


alright cool thanks for the advice :grinning:

Here to agree with @DarkestKnight, you do not need spiritual assistance to build an astral temple. All that’s on you. It also (in my experience) has nothing to do with how easy/difficult it is to contact certain entities. The only limit is your own imagination.

Only you can answer that. I personally limit my tools to a bunch of candles and incense and even then only really for ambience, everything else is just whatever I have lying around, and my own brain. I personally don’t buy into ceremonial magick so I have no need of a chalice, athame, wand, cauldron, broomstick, etc., whatever. If you feel that is your path, then you should research more to find out what it is you need and how you can come to possess those tools.

If you wish to use ritual tools, many believe that it is more beneficial to the practitioner to either find, create, or be gifted the items in question. (Funnily and irrelevantly enough this is how I approach my musical instruments; every instrument I own has been gifted or found.) If you buy any ritual tool, be sure to consecrate it before using it.


I haven’t yet astral projected despite trying frequently… but I just imagine a pyramid structure around me for my “astral temple” and works fine

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I built my own astral temple recently it’s pretty awesome and I wish I could live there all the time. I also wish someone could paint it for me.


Thanks for the help :smile:! I don’t really need any tools such as daggers and stuff because I’m not really into that stuff. Just wanted to know what you guys use. I probably do need some candles that are coloured to what the entity’s colour is. I think that might help but otherwise I basically have everything I need to do magick and evocations.

There’s also the way where you use your imagination to make it and have it tied to a physical sigil that represents your astral temple.