Need help with friend addicted to Meth

I’ve heard about using Zagan to cause major life changes.

I’ve heard about Eric’s ex-wife becoming possessed by Belial, although it was voluntary on her part.

I’ve heard about the Lake of Fire that burns away all the delusions of the ego and makes the Magician reborn for better ascension.

I’ve tried talking to her about her problem and seeking help, But she doesn’t think she has a problem. Nevermind the fact that she is constantly late for work, works after hours and takes shit. She calls it “borrowing”. She’s late to work because she likes to dumpster dive and bring back worthless shit that has occupied all her buildings, house and property. Constantly jumps my ass for not helping her keep shit clean. I can’t when she’s constantly dragging new shit in. Says i don’t contribute by staying up until 6 in the morning. She goes to sleep when her body says, “Fuck you, I’m going to sleep wherever you drop”. Sleeps 4 hours every day and thinks this is normal. I cannot compete when she is taking performance enhancing drugs.

Her family is completely ignorant that she does this, doesn’t know what to look for and therefore thinks I’m lying. So fuck them if they won’t help.

I think that conventional and traditional methods don’t cure them. They just suppress and cope with the desire.

I believe she needs to be possessed until the gods clear her ass of all delusions and addictions.

But how do I go about causing this to happen?
Her persistent bugging me for help prevents me from meditation, my spiritual practices and exercising.

She is in need of demonic intervention. I need something that moves shit and scares the fuck out of her.

What rituals do i need to do and who should i conjure for this purpose? I love her and don’t know what I’m going to do if she dies.

If Eric can get his wife possessed i can do it too.


Use the search bar with the word addiction, But anyway Opfaal will be helpfull in this case, try with him.

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I partly agree with your belief on the conventional method of battling addicting being more geared to curb the desire for the drug. but it has it’s purpose as a starting point. much like how I would always pair a healing spell with medical intervention if it’s serious enough.

What I would start with is definitely Zagan would be helpful here. but Also Vine. The goal here would be to shed light on her actions, since they don’t believe what your telling them have it so her actions become clear to the family.

I would also suggest trying a binding spell. Since you’re battling their desire for the drug It will take a great deal more effort. but should at the very least slow them down.

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furcus can help

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Aside from magical work, you may think about going to AL-Anon for yourself. It’s a group for people who have family and/or friends who are addicts. There’s nothing you can do (besides magical work). The addict has to come to the conclusion that they have a problem , and want to do something about it. Al-Anon is there to help those who have ppl close to them with addictions.

There are Al-Anon groups all over the world. Some are very different than others. Try different groups until you find one that fits for you.

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I sought his help for some shit she did.
Man, did he come thru!
I was really impressed.
She even said she felt very guilty for what she did.
Got busted at work for doing it, they didn’t fire her, but she has to face them every day. Knowing that that they know, her image of what they Think she is bothers her every day.

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if that bothers tell her to have fun in life so she would forget it,and metitation can help with guilty emotions,tell her to forgive herself

Can’t tell her anything, she thinks she knows everything.
Assumes shit. Very delusional, easily pissed off, very self centered.

Gives great head.

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look at iboga and how it stops heroin addiction without detox symptoms


You really can’t help an addicted person until they want to help themselves. You need to read about codependency and educate yourself about the cycle of addiction.

I worked with people with severe addictions and usually they have to reach rock bottom before they want change.There is no cure and it is a daily struggle

I beleive Buer can heal and certainly may be a help but I can see you are kind hearted and a supportive person and good luck.

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For some reason when I just logged in this post popped up, weird because there’s no recent responses in it. So I am drawn to ask how did this all work out for you? Were you able to get the help that you needed?