Need help with a weird love situation

Okay so, I really feel confused about this situation, to put y’all in the context, I am someone who has very rare interest in people, I don’t know why or how, but I just never get interested, and I have most people around me at my feet if not all of them (I am still confused about this, I am someone who is very insecure, mentally ill and suicidal) a year ago, I got interested in a boy, not that attractive physically, but he emanates some kind of energy, confidence and such, he also has a lot of people at his feet, strangely (they all find him beautiful, i guess he’s just not my type but yeah) he immediately made me forget my current partner at the time (that I really liked) I mean, it was destructive for me to stay with my partner so basically he saved me, I left her and I did good
I wasn’t planning any shit with him, he is super manipulative, and way older, but we became friends, before cutting off contact when he was in relationship with his abusive ex, he came back a few months ago and it was pretty intense between us, it went from friendship to I love you’s
(we both never say that to anyone) and promises, sexual stuff too (nudes, phone sex, and all other gross stuff am i rite) we don’t meet a lot though (I live far, and as I said, I am younger so I can’t move by myself) it was nice and we made out in public, (dark place tho) kissing, masturbating, hickeys, and stuff
It happened many times after that, we went from doing that once to twice, to basically everytime we meet, we fucked in a forest too (he forced me kind of tho? but we are really “weird” so I didn’t hate him for it) we were treating each other as a couple even though we’re friends, we tried to be togheter for a day also (for the fun) and he asked me if i wanna extend it, I’m insecure so I said no, thinking he would reject me
He asked me that many times, also once after making out he said i don’t know what related to his friends and I was like “And I’m not your friend?” and he said “I don’t know I don’t kiss and fuck my friends” he also confessed many times that he was crushing on me, I rejected him saying “you’re lying” etc (again, i am insecure and paranoid) and then the big day happenes where he confessed “I am in love with you” I replied “You said you would never?” He said “I lied” I said “You’re still lying” he is very proud btw so he said “Okay whatever, forget what I said” then it went normally, he tried to make me jealous, he made a post where he had to tag his crush, he tagged ten girls but I was the first one, everyone thought he scammed them and then a friend of his commented “He said he would tag his crush, but not only his crush” he replied “exactly” so yeah
But now, he says he has a crush on another girl, he met her not so long ago but yeah, I can’t allow myself to put time and energy into something unsure, so is there any spell to make him have interest in me only ? I am very possessive obsessive if I allow myself to be and I won’t tolerate another girl, any kind of spell would help, but I am searching for something permanent, I don’t like to mess around and lose time since I am very busy, and he is kind of a fuckboy, I dln’t need a spell for sexual attraction or whatever since it’s already there, if I wasn’t wack in my explanation y’all kind of understand what kind of situation it is, any advices? Knowing I kind of ignored him lately so

There are several spells, rituals and spirits that can manipulate and overwhelm a person’s will, that can be somewhat easy, But none of them are permanent, sooner or later their true will and nature resurfaces, in your case he will in all likely hood return to being a manipulative “fuckboy.”

Also it’s been my observation when such magic is used more often than not a part of that person seems to know what happened to them on some level and are understandably angry about it afterword.

Advice? Mine is spend this weekend and possibly all of next week meditating on what Exactly it is you’re wanting because from your post it’s not entirely clear you know what that is yet, no offense.


I am not offended, I agree, I don’t really know what I want actually, but I meditated on this and turns out I don’t want to let what I gave go to total waste, we’re not compatible, well we are pretty much similar in our personnalities, but we don’t have the same goals, and even our astrology compatibility said that, if a relationship ever happens, we will be a 95% match, madly in love with each other but one of us might not have the same goals (me), also, I checked the astrology with my ex, it said we were less than a 5% match and all what one of us did was lying to the other (it’s true, I never loved her but she was my friend and told me that if I don’t love her she will commit suicide, so I lied) and the situation described was exactly ours at the time
So I think, I don’t wanna manipulate his feelings with magick, I just want some help, some occasions and opportunities for me to achieve what I want, is it possible? Like to just align things perfectly for me to kind of hit on him and stuff? Any rituals¿? (Preferably without the help of a demon, I’m kind of solitary in my magick, but if you have entities to recommend that won’t manipulate him into feeling love but instead just aligning stuff and making it easier for me, I am open to propositions)

Oh also I forgot for the “what I want” thingie, it’s also kind of an ego stuff, I never understood why everyone fell in love with me except him? And I want deep down to confirm to myself that I can do it, that I am interesting and attractive enough for him tm be in love with me, like, it might help me gain some confidence and stuff, so yeah, clearly selfish/egoistic and lame but I wanted to be honest so

What’s the difference between manipulating his feelings and align things perfectly for you to kind of hit on him and stuff?

Answer: Nothing.

So again i do not understand what it is your asking for. And no I wouldn’t give you the names of any Demon to summon that i’d normally might because while they don’t care about things like selfishness, they do however get very irritated at being called for lukewarm reasons such as this.

Try a Candle Spell maybe, plenty of them online that you can look up, basically get a red one gaze into the flame visualizing the exact outcome your wanting, when it feels real to you, speak a command that it be brought to you.

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Rosier could help you with this but he will probably guide you to another since this guy isn’t the greatest.

(Hail Rose, I love him to death :heartpulse: )

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Well well! Thanks, I think I might not summon any demon for this task, I’ll see how it goes without any of that, and see how I will feel and decide later, this state of confusion is only confusing me and I don’t wanna play with fire honestly